First week of winter LCD in full action

9 months ago

The winter split finally started again and what an action filled week!

After a month of non-weekly doses of Danish League of Legends, you can finally get your fix again! With brand new players and teams, the top teams are once again trying to become the champion and the new ones are trying to make a mess in the table.

In the splits first match we have the newly promoted Lyngby Vikings against the fourth seed from autumn split, Wicked Gaming. Wicked Gaming released all five players from autumn split and brought in new ones in form of Kranknuseren, Julbu, DisneyReturnedMe, xLynge and Eloguden. Lyngby Vikings did the reverse and kept the roster that won CSD Autumn split with Eastern Wizards. But it seems like Wicked Gaming’s roster had something to prove. In the two maps, they showed a controlling game one and two and secured the 2-0 sweep in the series of winter split.

In the second series of day, we had the new reformed Bucks Vipers with strong players on paper against Copenhagen Flames, who also made changes in the line-up. Bucks Vipers changed everything except their mid laner Aléc, who has been with the organisation since it was created as Roligan eSport. In the top lane they got Linops from Wicked Gaming, Taxer from exceL in UK, Chrisberg from Misfits Academy and Grisen from Copenhagen Flames. On Copenhagen Flames side, they got rid of styllEE and added Cboi from Good Game Esport og added JeppeHou as the replacement for Grisen. On top of that, their academy mid laner MORRII got the chance to play this series, since their mid laner Raxon couldn’t compete.

But it looked like a nice trump card for Copenhagen Flames by using MORRII. In the first game it was a close game, but in the late game Copenhagen Flames took control and took home the first map. On the second map it looked like a Bucks Vipers victory in the early game, but when it hit mid game, Copenhagen Flames once again took control and in late game quick and swift ended the game and ended the series with a 2-0 victory.

Mondays game was the defending champions Singularity against the newly promoted Primus. A 2-0 victory was expected out of the champions, even though they have replaced their Turkish AD Noac with Greek AD Gagai, who has played with HungryPanda before in Greece. It became a clean 2-0 sweep for Singularity, that gave a nice welcome to Primus in LCD.

Tuesdays game became the weeks closest game. Hobro Vikings against Good Game Esport, who both made changes to their line-ups. Hobro Vikings got a new AD, Echos and support, Fred^. Good Game Esport had to find a replacement for Cboi, which was announced as Tranen at first, but due to real life decisions, Tranen stepped down from the jungle position and Rolighed joined as their new main jungler. Good Game Esport also added a new rookie mid laner, Raze, who they hope will perform just as well as their former mid laner, xPriskornet. The first map went a lot back and forth, but when it came to around mid to late game, Good Game Esport took charge of the aggression and ended the map victory. On the second map on the other hand went quite the opposite. Hobro Vikings dominated Good Game Esport on the second map and equaled up the map score to 1-1. On the third and final map Hobro Vikings continued the same form as on the second and once again dominated Good Game Esport and therefore could end the first week with a victory against a top four team from autumn split.

In next week’s matches there is a small change. Primus versus Bucks Vipers will be moved to Tuesday and Lyngby Vikings versus Good Game Esport will be moved to Monday. The schedule will look like this:

Sunday  16:00
CET– Copenhagen Flames vs. Wicked Gaming

Sunday kl. 19:00 CET– Hobro Vikings vs. Singularity

Monday kl. 19:00 CET– Lyngby Vikings vs. Good Game Esport

Tuesday kl. 19:00 CET – Primus vs. Bucks Vipers