CPH Flames and Singularity keeps the streak going

9 months ago

Second week of LCD is done, and we already got a clear top and bottom teams in the table.

In the second week of League Champion Denmark, we had the grand finalists from autumn split battling it out in their respective battles in the first day of the week.

The first match of Sunday was between Copenhagen Flames and Wicked Gaming, which the Wicked Gaming squad had a real chance to show off how strong the roster is. Instead showed how they are not on Copenhagen Flames’ level and got demolished hard over two maps. Copenhagen Flames continues to be unbeaten is now in sole possession of first place, if Singularity does not win 2-0.

The second match of Sunday had Hobro Vikings up against champions Singularity, who are also unbeaten. Their unbeaten streak did not end against Hobro Vikings. Even though Hobro Vikings looks promising, even more after their victory against Good Game Esport, Singularity showed in two maps they are too much to handle for them and keeps a shared first place with Copenhagen Flames in the top.

The third game of the week we had Lyngby Vikings versus Good Game Esport. This was a good chance for Lyngby Vikings to show up and prove they are a team that deserves to stay in LCD. The first map was with almost no blood spilled, but more of a controlling one from Good Game Esport, that took home the first map. The second map looked like a Good Game Esport victory, then Lyngby Vikings and then Good Game Esport, but in the end after the baron was slain by Lyngby Vikings, they managed to take home their first map victory in the winter split and equal out the map score. On the third map, it was a bloodless game once again controlled by Good Game Esport, who took home their first 2-1 victory this split.

The match of Tuesday was between Primus and Bucks Vipers. Bucks Vipers who had to prove themselves after losing 0-2 in the first week to Copenhagen Flames and they did not disappoint. They overpowered Primus on two maps, showing just how strong they are as a team, especially their AD Chrisberg who popped off on Kai’sa with a 16/0/4 score on the second map. Bucks Vipers took home their first safe and secure 2-0 of the split and are sharing a third place with Good Game Esport in the table.

As always, you can watch the matches on twitch.tv/leaguedenmark, but there is a change to the schedule for next week. The Sunday match at 16:00 between Bucks Vipers and Lyngby Vikings will be moved to Thursday at 19:00. The full schedule overview will look like this now:

Sunday kl. 19:00 – Singularity vs. Wicked Gaming

Monday kl. 19:00 – Good Game Esport vs. Copenhagen Flames

Tuesday kl. 19:00 – Hobro Vikings vs. Primus

Thursday kl. 19:00 - Bucks Vipers vs. Lyngby Vikings