Copenhagen Flames’ unbeaten streak continues

8 months ago
We are halfway through the regular season of the winter split and Copenhagen Flames are showing their form again this week by pushing away from the rest of the table and keep their first place.

In the first game of the week we had a brawl at the top of the table. Copenhagen Flames and Singularity finally had to chance to fight it out on Summoner’s Rift.  The first map gave us a clown fiesta in the early to mid-game, trading kills back and forth between the teams. Raxon was standing out though. He kept slaying Singularity members and got away with it every single time. At the end of the map, Raxon ended on a 6/0/8 score with his LeBlanc and a map victory. On the second map it was a more dominant Copenhagen Flames showing up and they gave us a real taste of how strong of a team they actually are by destroying Singularity and take home the 2-0 victory, for the fourth week in a row. They now push themselves four points away from Singularity and are single handedly in charge of first place.

The second match of Sunday was Primus versus Good Game Esport. Good Game Esport had their academy jungler Bartholdy playing for them in the series instead of Rolighed that should prove to be a positive change. On two maps, Good Game Esport were always the best ones to close out the maps. It was the small details that was game changing in this series. Good Game Esport close out the series their second 2-0 of the split.

Monday’s match we had the Vikings brawl it out against each other. Lyngby Vikings versus Hobro Vikings. Zealand versus Jutland. The first map, it was Hobro Vikings controlling the pace of the game, which Lyngby Vikings could not answer correctly to and Hobro Vikings end up with a 1-0 lead after first map. Second map was a 180 degrees turn. Lyngby Vikings seems to have read through Hobro Viking strategy and took more control of the map than last game. But it had its challenges with a Baron to Hobro Vikings side, but in the late game after several attempts, Lyngby Vikings managed to close out the game and equal up the map score to 1-1. On the third and last map we turned 180 degrees again and Hobro Vikings was once again in control. This game was a lot thanks to Fred^ showing up on his Rakan, ending with an impressive 0/0/15 score and carrying Hobro Vikings to a 2-1 victory and can call themselves the Viking champions of LCD. Hobro Vikings will keep their fourth place in the standings with Good Game Esport right behind them.

The last game of the week we had Wicked Gaming versus Bucks Vipers. A match which a lot thought would end 2-0 in favor of Bucks Vipers, but Wicked Gaming once again have some tricks up their sleeves and gave Bucks Vipers a run for their money.

On map one surprised Wicked Gaming everyone again, an effective Julbu and xLynge in carry was too much for Bucks Vipers to handle and for the second time of the winter split are Wicked Gaming giving a hard time for the top teams by winning the first map of the series. The second map was interesting by looking at the comp from Wicked Gaming’s side. A Tryndamere in the top lane, Ivern in the jungle, Zoe mid, Kog’Maw and Lulu as support. This comp got punished hard by Bucks Vipers and in a massacre and utter destruction went Bucks Vipers nuts on Wicked Gaming and secured second map very fast. Especially Taxer had an amazing map with a 10/1/5 score on Camille. On the third map Taxer did not stop his high pressure and once again on a carry jungler as Xin Zhao went on a rampage, also setting up for his AD Chrisberg, who popped off on his Tristana aswell. Bucks Vipers ends the series with a 2-1 victory and are now sharing second place with Singularity.

Next week’s schedule is unchanged and will look like this:

Sunday at 16:00 - Singularity vs. Lynby Vikings

Sunday at 19:00 - Good Game Esport vs. Bucks Vipers

Monday at 19:00 - Hobro Vikings vs. Wicked Gaming

Tuesday at 19:00 - Primus vs. Copenhagen Flames