Rules (League of Legends)

As a general rule, one must always abide by Riot games terms of use. These can be found on the following link: 


§1 Participants

1.1 Team registration

A representative/manager of a participating team in any of the leagues on the platform, has to register their team on the website.

1.2 Player registration

A player participating in any of the leagues on the platform, has to register on the website, as well as registering their correct MAIN summoner/game-account to his/her profile.
Furthermore they have to register with the team they play for on the website.

1.3 Player profile

Any player profile is required to have ONE account with correct summoner id attached to it registered.

Should any of your accounts be false, not your own, or a different player's, the player with the account will be banned from leagues and future tournaments.

1.3b - Tournament realm

When participating in the top league, League Championship Denmark, players will be required to register to the RIOT GAMES tournament client, by sending a request to
with the players' (including substitutes) information:
Requested in game name:
Real name:

This account name has to identical to the summoner name  registered with 

1.4 Registration process

When a team is registered on, with all players joined and correct summoner accounts registered, they will be delegated to their current seasonal league.
This will run automatically henceforth.


1.5 Players per team, and substitutions

The maximum amount of players per team is 8 total. Should a player be registered with a team as the coming season starts, this individual will be locked untill it's conclusion.
Teams can not add substitutes after the season has begun (except in some rare cases, with the accept of SHOULD PLAYERS LEAVE PREMATURELY, THIS WILL INCUR HEAVY BANS. (And be registered with the hall of shame on
 -> In the case of a player leaving prematurely, the inflicted team can be allowed a replacement with the accept of

EVERY SATURDAY(LCD) at 23:59 at the latest, a 6 man roster has to be locked in before the coming game week. For lower leagues the last check in is SUNDAY 23:59
This roster contains 5 main players and a potential sub that the team wants to use/switch with in between games (for instance 2 top laners)
6 players are registered so that flexibility is maintained for the teams, both in strategy and organisation. (You can register a different 6th player the coming week should your strategy differ)

1.6 Multiple organisations

An organisation can be represented with a maximum of 4 teams in total across all leagues. 
A maximum of 2 teams from the same organisation may coincide in the same league. 

1.7 In game names

Once registered to a team as a player and the season begins, NO MORE NAME CHANGES WILL BE ALLOWED (Make sure your desired IGN is locked in)
Failure to comply forfeits the team's ability to use the player untill the name has been changed back.

1.8 General

- Teams must field 3/5 Danish players at all times
- An organisation can at maximum field four separate teams across all leagues hosted by
- Players are not allowed to boost other organisations into any leagues hosted by
- Players can't play qualifiers with a new team, should they be registered with a participating team in any of the ongoing seasons. (If any of these players were subs and NEVER played any games, they will be allowed to leave the team and participate in qualifiers)
- Teams/Players are expected to stay tuned with changing circumstances to ruleset or otherwise on the platform.

§2 Season/Match format and procedure

2.1 League format – Season

During the league season each of the 8 teams will face each of the other teams once in a Bo3.

2.2 League format – Playoffs (LCD)

In seasons top 4 teams advance to playoffs:
#1 seed facing #4 seed, and #2 seed facing #3 seed.
→ LCD Playoffs are Bo5's (Side selection starts with 1st seeded team, then goes to 2nd, subsequently alternating back and fourth)

2.2b League format – Promotion

In seasons the highest/lowest 4 teams are either relegated or have to play a relegation gauntlet:
(Highest seed starts blue side, lowest seed red, and then they swap each game)

1 seed is automatically promoted
#3 and #4 seed face eachother in a Bo5, the winner will face the #2 seed. 
The winner of the 2nd place match gains automatic promotion and replaces the #7 seed from the league above. 
Subsequently #3 and #4 seed play the #6 and #5 seed from the league above in a single Bo5 promotion match.

2.2c - PSD Qualifier

Our lowest tier league PSD will have #8 and #7 seed automatically relegated, as well as #6 and #5 playing relegation matches.
This means that #1 and #2 seed from the qualifier will gain automatic promotion, while #3 and #4 will play a Bo5 vs PSD seeds #6 and #5.

2.3 Point system – Season

2-0 Win = 3 Points
2-1 Win = 2 Points
1-2 Loss = 1 Point
0-2 Loss = 0 Points

2.4 Entering game lobby

Tournament codes can be found by clicking the match on by clicking match on, while logged in on your team registered account, you will find the tournament codes and time for the specific games to be played.

Paste the tournament code(s) into the ”League of Legends” client, to enter the game lobby. 
How to: Press play(In client) → Click trophy in top right corner → Paste tournament code

2.5 Match start

Players should be in the tournament lobby, and ready to play no later than 15 minutes past starting game time.
-> Following game 1 in a series, the subsequent game should start no later than 15 minutes after the first one has concluded.

Should there be any delays the team in question should inform their opponent as well as admins  within the 15 min cut off point. (The admin then extends or forfeits the match)
->If no information of a delay has been informed at the 15 min past game time cut off point, the team in question will forfeit the match (0-2) unless an admin has extended due to plausible issues.

Any sort of purposeful delays, will result in the match being forfeit (0-2)

2.6 Spectators

Coaches, casters and producers are the only allowed spectators, should anyone else be invited this can lead to rulings.
”Leagues” reserves 1 spot for a producer, and 2 spots for casters for all broadcasted games.
-> After champ select no spectators are allowed besides producers and casters. Any violations of this will result in an organisational ban from the current season. 
-> Screensharing and communication is allowed for your coach in champ select, but after that no spectating or communication is is allowed from non playing players.

2.7 Placeholders

Should a team/player require the use of placeholders, they should inform the opposing team and admins(LCD) of the desired champion pick BEFORE LOCKING IN the placehholder champion during champ select.

Failure to comply can lead to rulings.

2.8 Swaps

Champions can only be swapped between players with at least 20 seconds left.

2.9 Automatic results

Results will be automatically reported through the tournament codes to the platform.

2.10 In case of result error

In the instance of a bug or server error etc. teams may be required to play a custom match, provided with screenshots of the game result, as well as written confirmation.

Any such match has to played as:
Tournament draft 5vs5
Summoners rift
Spectators - lobby only

2.11 Tiebreakers

In the instance of a tie through the same amount of points between two or more teams in the regular season a tiebreaker is required.

It is settled as follows:

1: Head to head matches won between the tied up teams determine the outcome.
2: Cumulative match wins vs losses. E.g (5 wins 3 losses, vs 4 wins, 4 losses)
3: Coinflip/Draw.

2.12 Discord and coaching

Any team participating in seasons, has to communicate through the discord provided by when matches are played.
This is to ensure monitoring against cheating etc. (We do record the games, and delete the recordings after a 7 day period)

Should you be communicating on any other software parallel with the Discord channel your current game will be forfeited (0-2 loss), unless permitted by and admin.
Coaches are furthermore not allowed to coach during the games, and are therefore required to mute their microphones during the games if they want to listen in.

2.13 Rescheduling matches

Should the need arise to reschedule a match, this has to be rescheduled to a date within the same game week.

How to:
1. Gain approval to switch dates from two other teams as well as the team you are facing. (For instance swapping monday's match for tuesday's)
2. Report this to admins in the facebook group AT LEAST 7 days before the match. If this isn't reported 7 days prior to the date in question, the match won't be rescheduled.
-> (Lower Leagues than LCD, are welcome to reschedule per agreement, as long as the games are played within the same game week. )

§3 Conditions of participation

3.1 Usernames/Team names

Your Username/gamer tag and team name are not allowed to contain swear words or other overtly offensive language. The tournament admins may ask you to change these names at their discretion.

3.2 Registered to

In order to take part, players and teams must be registered on the platform.

3.3 Game Account

Players must use their own game account registered to their profile. Account sharing is not permitted.

3.4 Behaviour

By creating and participating in any part of the platform, you accept to behaving with proper sportsmanlike behaviour, as well as practicing respect with both orgs, players, staff, admins etc.
-> Provocations and badmouthing such in "all chat" will result in matches being forfeit, and eventually players being banned from

Failure to comply can result in bans.

3.5 Agreement

By signing up for a season within League of Legends on you accept to adhere to everything in this ruleset.

§4 Broadcasting

4.1 Broadcasting rights reserves broadcasting rights for all their leagues. Anyone participating in a league being broadcasted by Leagues, aren't allowed to broadcast the games as they will be broadcasted by

Teams participating in a league not being broadcasted, are allowed to broadcast through their own channel (This should be registered on the teampage, and therefore approved by
This is for sake of being able to ensure proper sportsmanlike behaviour and code of conduct. Any such stream has to be broadcast with at least 3 min delay, for the sake of competitive integrity.

No private unapproved streams are allowed. Should any stream broadcast in spite of these rules, the given person(s) will be banned.

** Live streaming champselect to your coach for competitive sake is allowed, but beyond champselect any team continiously streaming will be banned. 

4.2 Twitch chat

Players are not allowed to use twitch chat while in champ select, or whilst in game. Nor are players allowed to chat/spoil the current game being showed on the twitch channel.
Furthermore players are held responsible for any toxic behaviour displayed in twitch chat, and game lobby.

Failing to comply with these can result in rulings, and bans, both on twitch, and on

§5 Pause

5.1 In game pause

In game pauses are allowed if there is a legitimate reason for the pause. Following a pause, the team with the issue must report to the opposing team as well as admins what the issue pertains to, and what is being done to solve it. You must not unpause a game before both teams have stated in the chat their being ready to resume.

A pause can be in effect for a maxium of 10 minutes, in which case the admins will either extend or forfeit the match.

Legitimate reasons for pausing the game:
 - Unintentional network issues
 - Unintentional disconnects
 - Unintentional bug splats
 - Hardware issues
 - Client issues
 - One may ask an admin for pause in case of emergency
 - A player may be asked by an admin to pause the match

§6 Cheating

Bans and disqualification will occur for the use of, but not limited to:
 - Botting
 - Scripting
 - Moderation of visual aspects of the game
 - Zoom modification
 - Sharing accounts
 - Cheating in any way, shape, or form

§7 Betting & gambling

Players and coaches, are prohibited from gambling or betting on any of their own matches, but are allowed to gamble on matches they have no involvment or insider info in.
Admins and staff of are prohibited from gambling on any games.
Insider gambling, matchfixing, or otherwise tampering with results will be reported with legal authorities, and any of the personel involved will be banned indefinitely.

§8 Payouts

8.1 Prize distribution

Monetary prizes will be distributed when the tournament has completed. Non-monetary prizes will be distributed as quickly as possible after the tournament has completed.
(Of cause, this only applies where a prizepool is announced) 

60 percent of the prizepool will be distributed based on end-season standings.(example 20.000) 
45% - 9.000
30% - 6.000
15% - 3.000
10% - 2.000

The remaining 40 percent will be distributed based on playoff results.(example 20.000)
60% - 12.000
30% - 6.000
10% - 2.000
0% - 0,00

8.2 Disqualified teams

Disqualified teams lose the right to any part of the prizepool regardless of their position in the tournament at the point the disqualification occurs.

§9 Admins

9.1 – Rulings

Admins may be presented with various issues, and will have the final say in any situation where a ruling is needed.
Admin instructions and decisions are to be followed at all times.

§10 League spot

10.1 – Selling a league spot

Should an organisation wan't to sell their spot they are so allowed within the deadline set by
Failure to sell their spot within the deadline, will take over and give away the spot to an organisation they see fit.

Any sale of a league spot, incurs a fee of 1.000 DKK paid to Leagues, for the sake of excess administration and preparation. (This fee is subtracted from the joining teams fee paid to the team selling the spot)

10.2 - Qualifying for a new league

Should an organisation qualify for either LCD/CSD/DSD/PSD leagues on it is their own responsibility to write an apply their managers to our facebook groups, where information is distributed:  - League Championship Denmark - Challenger Series Denmark - Diamond Series Denmark - Platinum Series Denmark

Any fraudulent applications will result in permanent bans of players/managers. 

§11 Changes

11.1 – Changes retains the right to make changes to rules and format at all times, to effectivize and course correct any issues needing correction.