Esport Jersey; Polo C


The esport jersey in the classic polo design. With buttons to open up a little when you get it hot. Perfect for when the team wants to stand out! Available both with 'real' ribbed armrests or with polyester bordered arms (Where the esport jersey fabric is just folded and sewn).
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The esport jersey is made with a print type called 'sublimation' which allows us to print the coolest designs - however, there are some restrictions on imagination, ability and CMYK color codes. The design of your new esport jersey is made in collaboration with you and we guarantee complete satisfaction.

At Epparel we have many different solutions for esports jerseys. They can vary in everything from neck cuts, shoulder seams, material to material weight. By default, our jerseys are made in interlock polyester 220 GSM, they can also be ordered in mesh * However, with mesh polyester you should be aware that they lose shape faster as they are a bit elastic. mesh also takes on odors faster so here it would be ideal to have more than 1 esports jersey if a change is needed during the tournament / event.