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01. Our Mission

We strive to be the platform for resolving everyday tasks for any esports organisation and player. It should be as easy as possible to organise esports and have the best playing experience. Our mission is to connect all aspects of playing and consuming esport in one platform. Esports start with the teams.

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02. Who are we?

We are a global organisation based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Originally, Leagues was founded in 2017 running the largest danish League of Legends league. Later running CS:GO leagues all around Europe. We have worked with A-Level brands such as RedBull, Telia, Riot Games and SteelSeries doing basically everything to make an esports tournament possible. We are now using all this knowledge in developing a platform for organisers, by organisers, to make it butter smooth to organise tournaments and handle a team.


We know the struggle of organising esports. Prizepool chaos, using multiple platforms and having enormous excel sheets. With Leagues, you will eliminate all these issues and empower yourself to grow.

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Whether you are new, casual or pro, Leagues helps you save time on excel sheets and bad servers. Manage your team, track data and do performance analysis. All on one platform.


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The Leagues Team

Our team consists of dedicated and passionate nerds and creatives. Other than our office in Søborg, Leagues also owns a full-scale broadcasting studio for esports.

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Leagues studio

Dedicated Studio

We love good content. So does our partners. Therefore, we make good content.

​Leagues have in Copenhagen an in-house top tier esports studio. We use this studio to highlight exciting matches, players and teams. If you have an idea of what we should do next in our studio please contact us!

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