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How to use the ladder?

  • Challenge teams on your schedule.

  • After a match report, the score is 1-0 or 0-1 under the matches tab to finalize.

    #announcements to see a guide on how to play.

Welcome to the first 2024 NLC Ladder!

For the Spring Split, the ladder will open up to teams across the Nordics, and act as a second gateway into the next NLC RPS. Teams that are already competing in the respective national leagues are invited to join the ladder to play games on the side, and see who will end at the top by the end of the split.

Furthermore, teams who aren't actively playing in the national leagues for various reasons, have their chance to sign up and join the NLC ecosystem.

Ladder starts on February 1 and ends on April 14.


game League of Legends
start date 1 February 2024
Steelseries Prime