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2024 NLC Spring Split: Dates & How to Watch

January 6, 2024

The next NLC chapter is fast approaching, as we kick off 2024 with the Spring Split from January 24.

Before we get started, there are a lot to announce and look at, so you can have the best viewing experience of the top Nordic League of Legends division.

From the live game-day dates for you to put in your calendar, the relevant links to follow, and the list of participating teams which has seen quite an update since last year. So read along and get completely up to date.

2024 NLC Spring Split Dates

The 2024 NLC Spring Split officially kicks off on Wednesday, January 24, and will run until Wednesday, March 27, where we have our Grand Final.

The regular game days will be on Wednesdays and Thursdays, where the stream will be live from 18:00 CET. Just like last year, we will have four bo1 matches each game day for the regular split, followed by the playoffs bracket in the same format as 2023.

Here are all the dates to keep an eye on:

Regular Split:

  • Playday 1 - January 24
  • Playday 2 - January 25
  • Playday 3 - January 31
  • Playday 4 - February 1
  • Playday 5 - February 7
  • Playday 6 - February 8
  • Playday 7 - February 14
  • Playday 8 - February 15
  • Playday 9 - February 21
  • Playday 10 - February 22
  • Playday 11 - February 28
  • Playday 12 - February 29
  • Playday 13 - March 6
  • Playday 14 - March 7


  • Potential tiebreakers - March 8


  • Day 1 - March 13
  • Day 2 - March 14
  • Day 3 (Semifinal) - March 20
  • Day 4 (Grand Final) - March 27

NLC Division 1 Team List

Since the 2023 NLC Summer Split, a lot has happened in terms of the teams in NLC Division 1. We are seeing quite a shift this year, as two teams from Division 2 managed to promote last year, while one sale has been completed as well.

You will still find many familiar faces, but also new blood that are ready to prove their worth in the top division, and we can't wait to see them all in action.

Where to watch?

You can follow the split on our usual channels, with the stream on Twitch and all the content covering it on X/Twitter on a regular basis. You can also join the official NLC Discord to stay up to date on everything.

Do also make sure to follow the eight teams on their respective channels (links above), and support them and their journey throughout the split.

See you from January 24 on Twitch, and on X/Twitter the upcoming weeks for the next split announcements.

Article crafted by:
Christian Vejvad
Christian Vejvad PR & Social Media Manager