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LG UltraGear Returns to the LEC Mainstage!

January 18, 2024

We’re excited to announce that LG UltraGear is renewing its partnership with the LEC for the next two years!

Bringing us into our third year of partnership, LG UltraGear will remain the Official Monitor Partner of the LEC. Players and casters will be set up with the UltraGear™ - 25GR75FG. Designed for competitive Esports, 25GR75FG delivers outstanding picture quality and speed thanks to its IPS display with a 360Hz refresh rate and 1-millisecond Gray-to-Gray (GTG) response time.

Providing a smooth and responsive experience across all facets of the tournament, LG UltraGear will ensure we’ll continuously be treated to peak performance and top-tier gameplay on the main stage for esports fans!

Based on the strong partnership, LG UltraGear recently introduced a League of Legends-themed OLED gaming monitor (model 27GR95QL) offering an incredibly immersive gaming experience with a unique ‘League of Legends’ aesthetic boasting a fast 240Hz refresh rate. More details on the monitor can be read on LG’s website.

“Super-fast gear fine-tuned for the demands of professional esports, our incredible high-performance display will be in the thick of the action as the best teams in the EMEA region play for victory. LG UltraGear will continue to support LEC and help foster the growth of esports worldwide.” said Sung Jun-ho, head of the IT overseas sales & marketing division of LG Electronics Business Solutions Company.

This partnership will not only grace the stage but will also enhance the broadcast, with LG UltraGear facilitating our in-game replays - making sure that if you turned away for a moment and didn’t catch a hype team fight, you’ll have a second chance to catch the action!

“We’re delighted to be continuing our partnership with LG for the next two years,” says Eva Suarez, Head of Esports Partnerships EMEA at Riot Games. ”We are looking forward to seeing how an innovative partner like LG will continue to power our new Riot Games Arena with their UltraGear monitors, and how they look to leverage the exciting opportunities that this partnership will provide.”

We’re only a day away from the LEC returning to our screens again, and we can’t wait to see our ten teams compete! To make sure you don’t miss out on any of the action, be sure to follow us on social media, and keep an eye on lolesports.com. Also, be sure to check out LG’s X profile for a giveaway of 2x LoL Edition Monitors and 300x Skin + Champion bundles!

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