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The NLC Ladder is back for 2024

January 20, 2024

It's time to reopen the NLC Ladder for the first time in 2024, allowing teams to compete whenever they want and chase a spot in the next NLC Regional Promotional Series (NLC RPS) for a chance at reaching NLC Division 2 promotion.

The first round of the NLC Ladder went down last year, where we saw a bunch of teams compete on a regular basis. This year, we aim to continue to develop the ladder and create a better player experience, and hopefully get even more teams into the competition.

Once again, the teams on the ladder will compete for two spots in the next NLC RPS, where they join up with the best teams from our National Leagues to compete for Division 2 promotion. We saw the first ladder participants in the 2023 Winter NLC RPS, where they gave some of the national teams a run for their money.

The NLC Ladder opens on February 1 and runs until April 14. In this timespan, teams can join at all times and challenge the other teams on the ladder for matches on the Rift, no limits. Collect as many points as possible, and aim to finish in the top 2.

If you play on the ladder, make sure to join the official NLC Discord and get access to the ladder channels for communication.


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