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Announcement 3 months ago

Unforeseen changes to NLC Division 2

January 18, 2024

Only a few days ago, we were happy to present the team lineup for the NLC Division 2 in the upcoming split.

Unfortunately, an unforeseen change has come up since then. Due to unfortunate circumstances, Vanir has chosen to withdraw from Division 2, in which they've recently acquired a spot after selling their Division 1 spot to Lionscreed.

This sudden change means that Division 2 has an open spot for the 2024 Spring Split, which we are aiming to fill in the best way possible in the coming days. To ensure that the best team is chosen in regards to the ecosystem's welfare, we have decided to go with an open application system.

The application will be open to all teams competing below Division 2, or teams outside of the NLC ecosystem. It will be open until January 23 at 23:59 CET. Shortly after the deadline, we will choose and announce the team that will replace Vanir.

This decision has been made after discussing opportunities with our national tournament organizers in the NLC ecosystem. The decision of going with an open application was decided upon after considering the disruption to lower competition that alternative methods could cause.


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