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Queue Asia Ladder
Compete with your team and climb the ladder to become the best team in the Queue Asia community.

Challenge teams on the ladder to either gain or lose a variable amount of points to climb the ladder. Prepare for epic battles, tactical gameplay, and strategic vetoes. Vetoing is done via Discord. You will receive your opponent's Discord ID under your team page when the match starts. Alternatively, a chat will automatically open in the Queue Asia server with your opponent. Win matches to accumulate points and secure your spot on the leaderboard.

Points will be updated on the platform under the team page after the match. Follow video above.

Prizepool Distribution

ūü•á First Prize: $450 USD

ūü•ą Second Prize: $250 USD

ūü•Č Third Prize: $150 USD

ūüŹÖ Fourth and Fifth Prizes: $100 USD each team


game Valorant
start date 1 January 2024
discord.gg/queue No twitch AddedNo youtube Added
Steelseries Prime