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BEACON: North Ladder


BEACON: North Ladder

How to use the ladder?

Click the link under YouTube to the right and go to the discord under #announcements to see a guide on how to play.


How am I eligible?

  1. If your team has 2 UK players and 1 Nordic player, you can join the South ladder.

  2. If your team has 2 Nordic players and 1 UK player, you can only join the North ladder.

  3. If your team has 2 UK players and 2 Nordic players, you have the flexibility to choose either the North or South ladder.


Important dates

  • Thursday 28th September | Ladders Open

  • Sunday 19th November | Ladders Close


How to Qualify for Circuit Finals

The Ladders will run until Sunday, 19th November. Based on your team's performance, you could be invited to the BEACON Circuit Finals from 29th Nov – 3rd Dec, competing for a share of €10,000!

  • Division 1: Top 4 teams from each ladder (8 teams total)

  • Division 2: Teams ranked 5th – 12th from each ladder (16 teams total)


game Valorant
start date 28 September 2023
END DATE 24 November 2023
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