Overview: Absolved takes the lead in TES Denmark

1 week ago

Another week is over in Telia Esports Series Denmark and we are almost halfway through the regular split. Here is an overview of week three!

It feels like yesterday where the split started, but we are now three weeks into the regular split of Telia Esports Series Denmark. This week brought a lot of action-packed games that are starting to divide all teams in the standings. 

This week we saw some expected high-performance matches from our top teams, but also proof that the teams in the bottom are still here to fight for the play-off spots. All teams can beat each other, which is the beauty of the league. 

Without further ado, let's take a look at this week's results, starting with the games from Monday. 

Wicked Gaming | 1-0 | Havoc

The week started out with a blast between two middle of the pack teams. It was hard to predict a winner before the match, but as soon as the teams hit the Rift, it was clear who the better team was. 

The action quickly started after Mandag got a solo kill in the midlane on his Irelia. Shortly after, Tykmaelk and Strider followed it up with another kill in the toplane, and from that point, Wicked controlled the game. Not only did Wicked control the game, they completely snowballed it out of control. Both solo lanes from Wicked got a big lead, to a point where there was little to nothing Havoc could do to stop it. 

Despite a stalemate in the midgame, it was never doubted that Wicked would win the game. After getting both Ocean Soul and Baron Buff, it was time for Wicked to put the final nail in the coffin and secure themselves their third win of the split. 

Atlando | 1-0 | Masonic

After a poor showing last week, it was time for Atlando to prove that they should still be considered a top team. On the other side, we had Masonic, who have also disappointed the first weeks, and were looking to redeem themselves against the wolves from Atlando. 

It took 6 minutes before Atlando exploded the game after a great fight in the botlane, leading to a total of five kills, two going to ViggoMopsen on Volibear. Everything that shouldn't have happened for Masonic happened and they were now forced to slow down the game and go for late-game. Sadly for Masonic, the lead from Atlando was already too big and they had no intention of slowing down. 

Atlando won the game without too many problems and got the perfect rebound from last week. Masonic, on the other hand, takes another loss and will need to find some new energy for the upcoming games. 

Plejehjemmet Kalder | 0-1 | Absolved

The third game of the week was a true match for first place, between Plejehjemmet Kalder and Absolved. Both teams had been delivering going into the third week, so the excitement was immense. 

Once again, we had a game on our hands with action right from the get-go. This time, the kills were going back and forth and both teams were neck to neck even after six kills. The game continued to be close for a while until Absolved found the right team fight, which secured them Baron Buff after 23 minutes of play. As seen in the previous weeks, Absolved knows how to handle a lead and this game was no exception. Slowly but surely, Absolved grinded their way into the opponent's base, with lots of poke from Xerath and Ezreal. 

Great macro play granted Absolved the win and the first spot in the league. 

Hillerød eSport | 0-1 | Vipers Inc

The day ended with a battle between two veteran teams, Hillerød eSport and Vipers Inc. Both teams have had some rough games in the first weeks, so it was time for both to gain some confidence. 

The game started out great for Hillerød eSport, after a solo kill in the toplane by Markimus on Volibear, followed up by a kill to Monkey in the jungle. Everything looked great for Hillerød until Vipers found a fight in the botane, resulting in two kills. The game was suddenly even again, but it was Vipers who ended up dictating the game, after several successful ganks. Slowly but surely, Vipers gained a foothold in the game, granting them most objectives and a big gold lead. Hillerød still tried to make the comeback happen, but they never got the perfect opening to turn things around. 

Vipers Inc ended up winning the game, securing themselves a positive win rate in the league, after beating their Danish rivals after a close game. 


The four games yesterday were not streamed, so let's just take a look at the results

For the first time this split, Wednesday had a lot of favorites showing up. Absolved takes down Viper Inc, which means that they are now ahead of the rest on first place. Both Atlando and Plejehjemmet Kalder are right behind them, so the battle for top 3 could end up really close. 

Here are the complete standings after week 3

This does it for the third week of Telia Esports Series Denmark. We will be back with more games next Monday, starting at 18:00 on Twitch. Remember to follow us on social media to stay updated with the league and everything around it. 

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