Wicked Gaming dominates the week 3 MVP Awards

1 week ago

Here are your MVP's from week 3 of Telia Esports Series Denmark

It's Saturday, which means that our weekly MVP awards are being presented. This week we have some new names on the list, some of them might be surprising for most people. As per usual, our casters, lead by Mikkel Guldbord Nielsen, have selected their favorite player for each position. 

Disclaimer: The MVP awards are mainly based on the games from Monday since Wednesday games are not officially streamed. 


Pick: Wicked Gaming Strider

We are becoming more impressed with this Wicked toplaner as time passes by. His wave management and mechanics on Akali were incredible this week and he was without a doubt a force not to be reckoned with.


Pick: Absolved Sjakal

With his Olaf, who refused to buy any tank items, he quickly became a menace in the early game. He secured every objective he could and was ahead of his counterpart the whole time. Sjakal really highlighted how an Olaf should be played. 


Pick: Wicked Gaming Mandag

Mandag was looking extremely flashy on his Irelia in their game against Havoc. Much like his teammate Strider, they got ahead in the early game and perfectly executed a 1 3 1 composition. 


Pick: Lynge & Rosen

Just like last week, our MVP's in the botlane is a package deal. Going up against one of the strongest botlanes in the league (although their wins don't back it up) Rosen and Lynge really showed how to pilot the Aphelios/Lulu bot combo. They became the solid backline the team needed and carried them to victory. 

Week 3 MVP

Pick: Wicked Gaming

For the first time this split, we had to give the overall MVP to a team. The fact that they have realized their strength is "1 3 1" compositions and they are willing to play that out, despite the meta, is extremely entertaining. I loved the way they played as one unit this week, and I can't wait to see more from them.


This does it for our third week of MVP awards. We are closing in on the halfway mark of the split, but there are still plenty of weeks to reach the MVP list. 

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