Absolved: "We can confidently say that Denmark is the strongest Telia League"

1 week ago

After three weeks of play, it's time to hear from some of our teams!

It's crazy to think about, but we are almost halfway through the regular split of Telia Esports Series Denmark. During the qualifiers we interviewed several of the TES Denmark teams, to hear about their expectations coming into the split. After several weeks, it's finally time to get an update, and we are starting out with the top team in the league.  

This time we wanted to check-in with Absolved and how everything has been going so far, especially from the player's perspective. Without further ado, let's get right to it. 

First of all, how has everything been going so far, compared to your expectations? 


The team is working really well together, but Pehrson needs some more work. He needs to start playing more Tahm Kench and Braum, or he will be benched at some point.  

You are currently at the top of the league. What do you guys do better than the other teams? 


We are doing a lot of team bonding, especially playing Warzone (shoutout to Activision), and we scrim a lot of 3v3 arena in World of Warcraft. Fiala actually thought this was a WoW team when he first joined. I think it's important for the team to have a good relationship with each other because it makes the game easier for us to play. 

How is your weekly practice schedule? 


We play World of Warcraft on Tuesdays, we raid on Thursdays, and we play Warzone on Sundays. The rest of the time goes with singing Kpop in Discord ;) 

Which areas have been focused mostly on during practice? 

Coach Mammal: 

The main thing we are focusing on is teaching Fiala which side is Blue and which side is Red. He got too used to the 3rd person camera in World of Warcraft. 

Which team(s) have been the biggest surprises so far in the league? 


We can't say based on scrims as we don't scrim versus TES Denmark teams. However, positive surprises have been Plejehjemmet Kalder and Wicked Gaming. For bad surprises, we expected Masonic to be stronger given their roster. 

Is the overall level of play higher or lower than you expected? 

The whole team: 

Given the level of TES Denmark, we came into this split overprepared, however, after scrimming against Telia teams from other regions, we can confidently say that Denmark is the strongest Telia league.

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That does it for our first "mid-season interview". We will be looking to do more of these up until we hit play-offs. Make sure to follow us on social media, so you don't miss out on any interviews. 

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