Overview: The battle for second place continues to be close

1 month ago

We have the halfway mark in Telia Esports Series Denmark, but many teams are still neck to neck in the standings!

The fourth week of Telia Esports Series Denmark is over. This week brought teams even closer in the standings, to a point where we now have three teams tied for second. We also saw the bottom teams falling further behind, so reaching playoff is starting to be very difficult for a couple of teams. 

We also experienced some rough technical issues this week, which meant that the last game on Monday had to be rescheduled. This means that we sadly only had three games on the live stream. Despite the shaky week, let's take a look at the games and standings. 

Wicked Gaming | 0-1 | Plejehjemmet Kalder

The week started out with Wicked Gaming against Plejehjemmet Kalder, two teams that have been a positive surprise this split. Sadly for Plejehjemmet Kalder, Tranen was not available to play this week, so Croxyy took over in the botlane, while Linops took care of the jungle. 

The game started out fairly calm until Alec got going on Katarina, a pick that we rarely see. Everyone knew that the Katarina pick was quite a gamble, but Alec shut the mouth of anyone who might have doubted it. The snowball started with the first blood in the midlane, followed up with yet another kill. The early lead put Plejehjemmet Kalder in a favorable position, that they took complete advantage of. At 22 minutes, Alec had five kills and was fed enough to dominate Wicked Gaming in every fight. 

Alec ended the game with a 13/0/6 score, that obviously secured Plejehjemmet Kalder an important win. 

Hillerød eSport | 0-1 | Atlando

Next up was a game between a top and bottom team in the league. This game was a must-win for Atlando, to continue as a top-tier team. 

As soon as we hit the Rift it was Atlando who took control. They quickly secured the first kill and started to control the game. Dalby in the jungle pulled out one successful gank after the other, to a point where he almost singlehandedly got every lane ahead. Atlando already had the necessary lead to close out the game after 20 minutes, but for some reason, the final fight was not happening.

Despite the game never being close, it took Atlando 40 minutes to end the game and secure themselves a win to stay at the top of the standings. 

Vipers Inc | 1-0 | Havoc

The third game was a true match between the middle teams of the league. Havoc had some rough games in week 3, while Vipers had been improving from game to game. 

Both teams created a lot of action right off the bat, with both junglers being very active. Despite all the action, no team managed to create a real lead for themselves, until Odo made a great roam from the toplane to secure himself two kills.. Even though Havoc had the lead, it was Vipers who were looking to create plays, some with great success. Like we have seen before, Vipers started to create a steady lead with their great macro. At 18 minutes Vipers were ahead by 5k gold, which later on lead to the final teamfight. 

Vipers won their game and crawled further up in the standing.  

Absolved | 1-0 | Masonic

An exciting match between some of the preseason favorites was held up because of technical issues. 

The game was rescheduled and played yesterday off stream. Absolved were fighting to get further ahead at the top of the standings, while Masonic needed a win to stay afloat in the race for playoffs. 

The game ended with an expected win from Absolved, which puts them even further ahead in the standings. 

Let's take a look at the other games from yesterday

Here are the complete standings after week 4

That concludes week 4 of Telia Esports Series Denmark. We only have three weeks left of the regular split, so the upcoming games will be extremely important for all teams. The league continues next Monday at 18:00, where all the technical issues will be resolved. 

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