Two teams dominates the week 4 MVP awards

1 month ago

It's time for some more MVP awards!

It's time for the MVP awards of week four, which has been dominated by two of our top teams. The week brought us some great plays, including one of the best individual performances we have seen this split. As always, our caster Mikkel Guldborg Nielsen has chosen this week's best players, including the overall MVP of the week. It might not be the hardest week to guess it, but here we go. 

Disclaimer: The MVP awards are mainly based on the games from Monday since Wednesday games are not officially streamed. 


Pick: Plejehjemmet Kalder Tom

Due to client issues, we had one less game this week which narrowed down the possibilities for our MVP awards. This could easily have gone to ViggoMopsen as well. What separates the two, and gives Tom the MVP this week is simply, that I saw too many fundamental mistakes from Viggo after he had secured his lead. Tom, on the other hand, was a consistent tank all the way through, who managed to facilitate teamfight for his Katarina.


Pick: Atlando Dalby

Dalby is back as the jungle MVP, and rightfully so. He was a consistent and pivotal part of taking down Hillerød eSport. He was always ready for the countergank, securing his team an early lead, and even as a Lee Sin. His mechanical skill made him a deciding factor in the end game


Pick: Plejehjemmet Kalder Alec

There is no way you could not have seen this coming. Alecs Katarina completely dismantled and destroyed in their Monday game, highlighting what a solo carry performance can look like on Katarina. Alec ended the game with a 13/0/6 score, which is completely insane. 


Pick: Atlando Thor & FredSpaghet

Even if you can argue that Fred and Thor were facilitated in the early game by Dalby, they were able to show how a Kalista/Sett botlane is supposed to be played out. Often you will see slip-ups in a hyper-aggressive lane like that, but Thor and Fred was able to demonstrate why said lane has been so heavily prioritized in other Leagues

Week 4 MVP

Pick: Plejehjemmet Kalder Alec

As mentioned before, It's not often we get to see a Katarina, and even fewer times do we actually see it bring fruition to the team. Alec was on another level that day, and once again proves he is a flexible opponent with multiple cards up his sleeve


The week 4 MVP awards are done, with only have three weeks left until we enter the playoffs. Many different players have made it to the list, but we are starting to see some of our most dominant players make the list for the second time. 

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