Plejehjemmet Kalder: "Scrimming on this level doesn't have a lot of value to it"

1 month ago

It's time for another org inspection, this time we talked to the veterans from Plejehjemmet Kalder!

We started out our org inspection series last week, where we took a look at our top team from Absolved. The series is supposed to provide a status update from some of the teams and dig a bit deeper into their behind the scenes schedules. 

For this week, we had a talk with Plejehjemmet Kalder, who are currently tied for second in Telia Esports Series Denmark. The team got a spot in the league through our qualifiers, with a pretty casual mindset, that still exists to this day. 

First and foremost, how has it been to participate in TES Denmark up until now?


It has been enjoyable. I think it’s good that it has become more professional, so there actually is some sorts of improvement in the danish scene, compared to earlier. I think it has been living up to my expectations and hopefully, it will remain that way.

We've heard that you don't scrim. How come? 


We signed up to the qualifier just for fun, knowing that not everybody on the team has the time to practice multiple days a week, on top of playing the official matches. We agreed that we would take playoffs more seriously, and potentially scrim a bit should we qualify. It is also very nice to have as an excuse when things go poorly.

How have you been able to keep up with the other teams, without scrimming? 


Personally I don’t think scrimming on this level has a lot of value to it, since coaches and ‘analysts’ rarely know what they are doing and just copy whatever they see in pro leagues or somewhere else, without even knowing the reasoning behind the action. Another reason for us being able to keep up with other teams is that every single member of Plejehjemmet Kalder has played multiple splits and has a decent amount of experience, which benefits us in-game, as well as most of us not being outclassed individually by anyone in the league.

Would you ever start taking things more seriously if you end up going far in the league? 


For me, no. I only play this tournament because it is being played together with friends, and of course to show that diamond 3 Soloq is the best elo for comp play practice. On a serious note, however, I might not play more than this split, since I won’t have the time for it, or spend the time needed for it, but I personally still believe we can qualify for Telia Masters. I am not really surprised about what the other teams have shown so far.

Have there been any organizations interested in picking you up after the qualifiers? 


A few teams contacted us when we first made an announcement on Twitter that we qualified, but we really didn’t feel like the offers they made were good enough, so we decided to keep the name and see where that brought us. When the split started we thought it could be fun to make a Twitter-page for Plejehjemmet and make some good memes and content, which is going quite well. Go follow us at @plejehjemmet!

We have all enjoyed your content on Twitter. Is this what the Danish scene needs more of to grow further? 


We felt like our team name branded a very distinct identity right from the start, so we created a twitter to have a little fun with it. Every person on the team contributes to the Twitter content, which is how we have been able to post so much. We feel like some banter and trash talk is good for the competitive environment, as long as the common goal is to have fun with it. It puts more attention on the league in general and provides followers with entertainment, even on days with no official matches.

Which teams has been a disappointment/surprise so far in the league?


The team that has surprised me the most is probably Hillerød eSport. We all know that DisneySentMe is the biggest candidate for Plejehjemmet, and in the match versus us, he really showed Alec how to play mid lane. Furthermore, their auto-filled jungler was able to snowball the game because my bot lane ran it down. Masonic has disappointed me the most. I really had no clue about their top and adc, but I’ve played against Grisen, Pris, and Munck in the past and I know they are all good players, of course, I will always be the better player ;)

Has the strength of the danish scene grown after the Telia leagues got introduced? 


I think compared to the last split, as well as the entirety of 2019 the level of the Danish scene, in the top league at least, has improved significantly.I still think that of all splits there has been, back to when it began in summer 2017, this is overall the 3rd strongest split, only beaten by 2018 autumn and 2018 winter split. (Flames and Singularity era). I don’t think that NLC has had any influence on the league’s level, since most of the players in NLC would have gone to other European Regional Leagues such as SLO, LFL, Ultraliga or DACH.


Plejehjemmet Kalder results in Telia Esports Series Denmark

This was our second org inspection and hopefully more will come before we hit the playoffs. Make sure to follow us on social media and tune in tomorrow at 18:00 on Twitch, where Telia Esports Denmark continues with week 5. 

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