Overview: Forfeits were on the menu this week

1 month ago

Another week in Telia Esports Series Denmark has passed!

Yet another week is over in Telia Esports Series Denmark. Last week the league was affected by some unfortunate technical issues that only gave us three live games. For this week, the technical issues were fixed, but sadly new issues meant that one game had to be completely forfeit on our Monday stream.

Despite the forfeits, we had some action-packed games, that has now resulted in a clear top and bottom in the standings. With only two weeks left of the regular split, we are starting to see a clear top four.

Let's take a look at our live games from this week!

Wicked Gaming | 0-1 | Vipers Inc

The week started out between two teams in playoffs contention. Wicked Gaming has proved many critics wrong with several great victories this split, while Vipers Inc has climbed the ladder week after week.

The game started out with some early aggression from the notorious Vipers botlane, which has proven to be a vital part of the team's success in the league. With one kill on Lynge, the botlane continued to pressure, which resulted in another kill and the first Dragon shortly after. The early lead from Vipers quickly spiraled into a big snowball, that Wicked had no chance to stop.

The game ended in a pretty anticlimactic surrender by Wicked Gaming, that threw in the towel after 20 minutes. The quick win put Vipers in an even better position in the battle for second place.

Hillerød eSport | 0-1 | Absolved

Next up was a true match between the top and bottom of the league. The clear favorite was obviously Absolved, and on paper, there was little to no chance for Hillerød in this match-up, but crazier things have happened.

The game started out fairly slowly, with both teams trading evenly in lane. After 6 minutes, Sjakal got the first successful gank off in the midlane, where he secured the first kill on his Lee Sin. After the first blood, Absolved had the small lead they needed to take complete control of the game. With an advantage on all positions, it looked like yet another smooth victory for Absolved, but as soon as we hit the later stages of the game, Hillerød eSport started to punch back. Even though Hillerød won some teamfights, it wasn't enough to come back from the big gold deficit.

The superior laning and macro play secured Absolved another win after 33 minutes, despite a solid effort from Moxokx and the rest of Hillerød eSport.

Plejehjemmet Kalder | 0-1 | Masonic

The third game was between our beloved veterans from Plejehjemmet Kalder, who has taken the league by storm. The veterans had to go up against Masonic, who had the chance to finally prove themselves against a top contender in the league.

Most people would probably have considered Plejehjemmet Kalder as favorites, but Masonic had done their homework. It didn't take long before the first ganks started to happen around the map, but each time players got away with just a tiny bit of health, resulting in no early kills. After four minutes, Lunddorf took matters in his own hands and managed to solo kill Tom for the first blood. With an early kill on Renekton, he started to take control of the toplane, which was the exact start Masonic needed. Masonic continued to lead the game with a couple of thousands of gold, but with several picks and smaller fights, they managed to get a substantial lead.

Masonic found a close teamfight win after 29 minutes, which lead to Infernal Soul and later on the Nexus.

Atlando | 1-0 | Havoc

Once again, the week ended before expected. Sadly Havoc was forced to surrender the match due to unresolvable issues. This left Atlando with a win that keeps them firmly within playoff contention. Havoc, on the other hand, took their sixth loss in a row.

Here are the results from yesterday

Note that Wicked Gaming had to forfeit their Wednesday game, meaning that Absolved got away with a free win.

Last, but not least, the complete standings after week 5

With only two weeks left of the regular split, it's do or die for a couple of teams next week. Telia Esports Series Denmark will continue on Monday, July 13, with another set of great matches. Make sure to stay updated on social media.

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