The best on the Rift in TES Denmark week 5

1 month ago

What's that? The Weekly MVP awards of course!

Another week has passed and yet again it was a special one. For the second week in a row, we only had three games on Monday, because of an unfortunate forfeit at the end of the day. Despite that, Mikkel Guldborg has been keeping an eye on the players and have chosen the best ones for week 5. 

Disclaimer: The MVP awards are mainly based on the games from Monday since Wednesday games are not officially streamed. 


Pick: Vipers Inc Menace

If the game only lasts 20 minutes, and Menace is somehow close to making a "flame horizon" on his opponent, he's doing something right. Despite being a flash down from the start, nothing was stopping him from solo killing his lane opponent


Pick: Absolved Sjakal

His Lee Sin was the driving force for the Absolved early game in their match against Hillerød eSport. Combined with his clutch decision making and mechanics, Sjakal was able to highlight why he's one of the best, if not the best, Lee Sin in Telia Esports Series Denmark. 


Pick: Vipers Inc Facehurt

This guy got his Kassadin? Facehurt demonstrated the flexibility on his Kassadin, even out farming his lane opponent, Mandag, on Irelia. Needlessly to say, the game was over at 20 minutes, which a Kassadin really shouldn't be able to accomplish.


Pick: Moxokx & Ermin

I haven't seen a botlane consistently keeping their team in games that should have been lost 20 min earlier. Moxokx and Ermin is week after week showcasing how good of a botlane they are, despite their losses and last place in the league. 

Week 5 MVP

Pick: Absolved Sjakal

This week's MVP is given to Sjakal based on his mechanical skill and decision making in-game. Throughout the game, he showcased great Lee Sin play, and if you haven't seen his game yet, go back and watch it, you won't regret it.


This does it for our week 5 MVP awards. Despite only three live games, there were several of good performances to pick from. We are back next week with another list, but there are only two left for the regular spit. 

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