Overview: Havoc ends the Absolved winning streak after a true fiesta

4 weeks ago

With only one week left of the regular split, the top 4 is starting to form!

We are getting close to the start of playoffs, so the teams are making a last effort to reach the top 4. Two teams are already sitting comfortably at the top, while other teams are almost home safe.

This week we saw a lot of favorites performing, except one game that took the spotlight. The kings of the league, Absolved, were stopped in their dominating winning streak in an unexpected fashion. The team is still sitting in the first place, but have proven to be vulnerable under the right circumstances. 

Let's take a look at the Monday games!

Wicked Gaming | 0-1 | Masonic

The week started out with a battle between the middle teams. Both teams have had a shaky split, unable to find the consistency needed to be at the top. 

The game was interesting right from champion select, where Wicked went with an innovative hard engage composition, that we haven't yet seen in the league. Sadly for Wicked, the innovative composition left them with some weak lanes, which Masonic took full advantage of. Baybror secured the first blood after 4 minutes in the bottom river, followed up by several neutral objectives going Masonics way. The lane advantages started to snowball the game and especially Lunddorf on Volibear were impossible to stop. 

As we hit the later stages of the game, Wickeds teamfight composition slowly started to work, but they were too far behind to make a comeback happen. Masonic ended the game after 33 minutes, with Lunddorf at a 13-1-6 score. 

Absolved | 0-1 | Havoc

Everyone anticipated a win for Absolved in this match-up, but Havoc didn't care about that as they challenged the league favorites in a long fiesta. 

As expected, Absolved got ahead early on after Fiala and Sjakal secured the first blood in the top lane. After that, Havoc started to turn on the engine and answer back with some kills for themselves. These kills were enough for Havoc to get rolling, but it took some time before they got ahead in gold. As we entered the late game it seemed like Havoc would close it out, but once again, Absolved managed to stay in the game after a miraculous Dragon steal, granting them Infernal Soul. One would think that the soul would be enough to make a comeback, but the fiesta was just starting. The game continued to be back and forth with lots of chaotic fights. 

The game ended after an intense teamfight at 49 minutes, that Absolved should have won any day of the week, but didn't. Instead, Havoc took down the Absolved Nexus and ended their 9-game winning streak. 

Vipers Inc | 1-0 | Atlando

Next up was an exciting match between two of our top 4 teams. Vipers has been showing improvements every week, so they went in as a favorite to the match. 

The game started out bloody with 12 kills in the first 11 minutes. Despite all the kills, no team managed to get ahead, but Vipers were happy with that since they were looking to scale. As we got further into the game, Vipers late-game comp started to show. The team got a steady advantage, which ultimately resulted in a Baron Buff to take complete control over the map. 

In controlled Vipers fashion, they ended the game and continues their winning streak as the hottest team in the league. 

Plejehjemmet Kalder | 1-0 | Hillerød eSport

Even though Hillerød is out of playoffs contention, they were ready to give the veterans a run for their money in the last game of the day. 

We saw action back and forth right away, with Hillerød seemingly not afraid to fight. Despite their greatest effort, it was Plejehjemmet who managed to get the gold lead from raw laning skill. After 15 minutes a teamfight in the mid lane broke out, where Plejehjemmet got three kills for none. The fight began the snowball for the veterans and Hillerød couldn't do a lot about it. Plejehjemmet managed to secure Cloud Soul and Baron Buff after 29 minutes, which was the final nail in the coffin. 

Plejehjemmet Kalder stays in the top 4, after an impressive Wukong performance from Linops, something that most people didn't expect to see. 

Here are the results from yesterday

Let's take a look at the standings before we end week 6

This does it for week 6 of Telia Esports Series Denmark. Make sure to tune in next Monday at 18:00, where the last week of the regular split will start. Also, remember to follow us on social media to stay updated. 

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