An unexpected participant ran with the MVP for week 6

3 weeks ago

It's Saturday which means it's time to look at some MVP awards!

We are getting really close to the playoffs, which also means that our regular-season MVP awards are right around the corner. But before that, we have to look at the best performing players in week 6 of Telia Esports Series Denmark. As always, Mikkel Guldborg has been at work, picking the MVP awards for this week. 

Disclaimer: The MVP awards are mainly based on the games from Money since Wednesday games are not officially streamed. 

Top lane: 

Pick: Masonic Lunddorf

Lunddorf's performance on Volibear was nothing shy of the best we've seen from him so far in the league. While the decision making was lacking as a team from Masonic, you could count on Lunddof to carry every fight on the "slappy-bear"


Pick: Vipers Inc Legoman

Once again, it's a man piloting the Volibear. Is it the champion or is the player, I believe its the player, at least when you see how dominant Legoman can take his jungle-style on this champion, taking over games.

Mid lane:

Pick: Vipers Inc Facehurt

Facehurt two weeks in a row? I guess this is what happens when the guy gets his Aurelion Sol. It really goes to show how far players can go with niche pocket picks. The scary thing is that Facehurt has multiple pockets and even more threats in his champion pool.

Bot lane:

Pick: Plejehjemmet Kalder Linops & Eloguden

Piloting a Senna and Wukong bot lane ain't easy, and the scenario needs to be right for it to work. Linops and Eloguden showed exactly how good this lane can be when the stars align, against no mobility targets. Absorbing a lot of pressure bot lane for the team, while still finding leads and kills, was key in Plejehjemmet's victory against HeS

Week 6 MVP

Pick: The viewers in the Absolved vs. Havoc match


I mean, did you watch that game? If you didn't then make sure to go back and watch it. This was the best and worst game ever played in Telia Esports Series Denmark, and I will never forget it.


That was all the MVP awards for week 6. Next week will be the last of regular split, which means that we will be looking to present the best performing players of all seven weeks. Remember to follow us on social media and never miss out on any content from Telia Esports Series Denmark. 

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