Overview: All logic was thrown out of the window in the final week

3 weeks ago

The regular split of Telia Esports Denmark is finished and we now have our four playoffs teams!

The Telia Esports Series Denmark regular split finished yesterday with a dramatic ending after several upsets and even a tiebreaker. We also saw some bloody games between teams that had nothing to play for, so the entertainment level was on top. 

As we are entering the playoffs tomorrow, the four best teams of the regular split will compete for the trophy. All four teams have shown a high level of play throughout the split and most importantly, consistency. 

Let's take a look at the last round of games that happened yesterday. 

Plejehjemmet Kalder | 1-0 | Wicked Gaming

The first match of the day had no impact on the total standings, which meant that the teams could play aggressively without any second thoughts. The game already got spicy from champion select after Sir Ravus picked Pyke top, while Linops went for Karthus in the bot lane. 

As expected, kills were on the table right from the get-go and no team wanted to stop. It was Wicked who got the best of the early fights, but it didn't turn into a substantial gold lead. As we entered the mid-game, Plejehjemmet started to pick up the pace and showed great coordination. There were still kills happening every minute, but it was Plejehjemmet who was in complete control of the chaos. 

Plejehjemmet ended the game after 27 minutes, with a total of 66 kills combined for both teams. The veterans will, therefore, be warmed up for their playoffs match tomorrow. 

Atlando | 0-1 | Hillerød eSport

Next up was another game where no team had anything to play for. Hillerød was looking to end the split on a positive note and this seemed to be the perfect game to achieve that.  

Hillerød has been struggling throughout the whole split, but this game they looked like a whole other team. The game was a complete fiesta, but a fiesta that Hillerød was in control of. At 20 minutes Hillerød managed to rush the Baron right after winning a fight, which resulted in a siege advantage. Hillerød had both Tristana and Karthus on the team, so there was nothing Atlando could do when they started to siege with the buffed minions. 

Hillerød ended the game after just 25 minutes and picks up a much-needed win to end the split. 

Havoc | 1-0 | Vipers Inc

With two fiestas behind us, it was time for some serious games. Vipers Inc was competing for first place in the league, so a win was needed to stay in control of the outcome. Last week we saw Havoc upset Absolved in an intense match and they were looking to take down another king. 

It was clear from the beginning that Vipers had a lot to play for, while Havoc could act comfortably as the joker. The pressure got to Vipers from the start of the game when Havoc picked up the first kills after great play from both Kruzerz and G1ngeren. The early control enabled Havoc to snowball the game and give Vipers a really hard time. Even though Vipers were behind, they still showed why they are a top team and didn't make it easy for Havoc. The late-game turned into big chaos with messy fights, that Havoc ultimately ended up winning. 

Havoc won the game, taking down another top team in the league. 

Masonic | 1-0 | Absolved

With Vipers losing their game, Absolved was now in complete control to take the first place in the league. All pressure was on Absolved, while Masonic could play loose and look to make yet another upset. 

Once again, it was the favorite team who crumbled under the pressure. Masonic played their most clean game of the split, with Munckizz popping off on Lee Sin. Even though Absolved tried to answer back, everything went Masonics way, resulting in a 5k gold lead after just 11 minutes. The snowball continued to roll and there was nothing Absolved could do to stop it. 

Masonic won the game without much trouble, forcing Absolved to play the tiebreaker against Vipers Inc.  


Absolved | 0-1 | Vipers Inc

The split ended with a hectic tiebreaker to decide the first place. The first-place team jumps directly to the finals, so a lot was on the line for the two teams. 

Both teams started out the game safely without taking too many risks. After 6 minutes the first blood went to Fiala after a close fight in the bot lane, followed up later with two kills more for Absolved. It seemed like Absolved had all the control they needed to snowball the game, but then they gave over three kills to Lynge, after a horrible fight. The gold on Lynge was enough to get Vipers back into the game and the snakes finally started to smell blood. In best Vipers style, they took control of fights and objectives and ended up winning the game, despite Absolved's big early lead.  

Vipers won the game after 28 minutes, securing themselves the first place spot in Telia Esports Series Denmark. 

Here are the complete standings after 7 weeks of TES Denmark games

The top 4 in the league has qualified for the upcoming playoffs, where they will fight for the trophy and chance to play in the Telia Masters next month. 

The playoffs will already begin tomorrow at 15:00 when Atlando and Plejehjemmet Kalder clash in an exciting bo3. The winner will move on to the next stage of playoffs, while the loser is out. Make sure to tune in on Twitch, you don't want to miss this match. 

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