The best players from TES Denmark

2 weeks ago

Telia Esports Series Denmark is coming to an end!

It has been some amazing weeks in Telia Esports Series Denmark and we now only have the grand final left. We want to honor the best players in the league and on that occasion, we have asked our casters to make a TES Denmark All-Star team. The players are rated based on their performance from the regular split. 

Here is your Telia Esports Series Denmark All-stars!

Top lane

Pick: Plejehjemmet Kalder Tom

If there had to be a top laner that could look the most 1v9 in Telia Esports Series Denmark, it would be Tom. He's one of the most versatile top laners, being a powerful strong-side carry player, or the weak-side tank player his team needs.


Pick: Absolved Sjakal

Sjakal will be known for his aggressive playstyle, always wanting to be the first on the neutral objectives or counter jungling - but this split he will also be known for trying a more selfless playstyle, helping his lane snowball to secure the victories. 

Mid lane

Pick: Absolved Cronan

Cronan was one of the most consistent mid laners throughout the split. He was either going even or winning his lane no matter which opponent he was up against. Mid lane was a hard contested role as an all-star, but in the end, Cronan gets it for his consistency.

Bot lane

Pick: Hillerød eSport Moxokx

You can fight us on Twitter with this one if you do not agree. The fact that Hillerød even came close to wins was because of Moxokx and his understanding of the game as a bot laner. It was never enough to win games, but its enough to see him as the all-star bot laner.


Pick: Havoc Crow

On a team that looked incredibly shaky, except for that one game when it was too late, Crow was a player that his team could rely on. Starting the split solidifying himself as a dangerous Pyke player and ending it with enchanters. Crow was a consistent player throughout all seven weeks, which grants him the all-star spot for his position. 


As the best players of the league have been rewarded, there is only the final left to cover. The match will take place Monday, July 27, starting at 18:00. The match is between Plejehjemmet Kalder and Vipers Inc, who will be duking it out on the Rift in a bo5. Make sure to follow us on social media so you don't miss anything from the TES Denmark final. 

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