Vipers Inc & Plejehjemmet Kalder clash in the final battle of TES Denmark

2 weeks ago

We are only one day away from the last battle in TES Denmark and we can't wait!

It has been a long and competitive split in the Telia Esports Series Denmark, where new faces have impressed the Danish League of Legends scene, while old organizations lived up to their expectations. The split also came with a lot of surprises that no one could have expected. 

Tomorrow we kick off the TES Denmark Finals, where Vipers Inc are ready to take on Plejehjemmet Kalder in a bo5 for the Danish title. To warm-up, we want to present the two teams so everyone is ready when the two teams hit the Rift. 

Vipers Inc

Vipers Inc came into the split with the ambitions of winning, after an impressive run earlier this year in the Nordic Championship 2020 Spring, where they managed to secure second place and a spot in EU Masters Play-In Stage. 

While the team completely revamped their roster in the off-season and brought in new faces, they still ended up performing beyond everyone's expectations. The snakes started out fairly slow in the first weeks of TES Denmark, but then they started taking off. Vipers managed to win 7 games in a row, slowly climbing to the top of the ladder where Absolved had been sitting comfortably. The split ended in a tiebreaker for first place against Absolved, where Vipers proved their consistency in an impressive match. 

Vipers will enter the final as obvious favorites since they have been outperforming pretty much any team throughout the season. 

Plejehjemmet Kalder

It's hard to imagine that anyone expected Plejehjemmet Kalder to be in the TES Denmark Finals, but here they are. The veterans began their journey in the qualifiers and have now grinded their way to the top of Danish League of Legends. 

The veterans have been known for their consistent play, always being a contester for the top four throughout the seven weeks of the regular split. Plejehjemmet has also been very open about not scrimming, which makes their run even more impressive. While the other teams have been practicing hard every week, Plejehjemmet has relaxed with a nice cup of coffee and a game of bingo. While Plejehjemmet didn't finish at the top of the league, they had to grind their way through both the quarter- and semifinal to get here. No one thought that they would beat both Atlando and Absolved, but they did. 

Plejehjemmet Kalder has been the underdogs throughout most of the split and the same goes for the final, but it seems to be where they thrive. 

We had a chat with Plejehjemmet Kalder before tomorrows final

The underdog story of Plejehjemmet Kalder has been amazing to follow throughout the split, so we had to ask them what their expectations are for the final and how they are going to beat a giant such as Vipers Inc. 

"We expect a close final that will go all the way to game five, in our favor. We aim to play all five matches to maximize our practice before Telia Masters, since we don't want to waste our time on the so-called "scrims" that Vipers are so fond of,"

We feel like we are ahead of Vipers in many aspects. First and foremost, all pressure is on Vipers since they ended the regular split in the first place. We also had some great games against Vipers already, where they ran around like chickens without heads, hoping that we would do the same. We stomped them in our first match of the split and almost won the second one while playing with a substitute. Last. but not least, we have eaten a lot of "citronmåne" so we are more than ready," Plejehjemmet Kalder said. 


The grand finale will take place tomorrow, July 27, at Twitch from 18:00 and you don't want to miss it!

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