Regarding recent community criticism

2 weeks ago

It’s been a hot minute since the last time we had one of these posts, and once again the internet is buzzing with discussion, critique, and (unfortunately) hurtful comments.

The topic this time is how CSD can promote to TESD and the (lack of) communication between us at and the teams participating in the lower leagues, CSD in particular. For those unaware of how CSD promotion was (past tense is no mistake, keep reading) going to go, let us just summarize it quickly: For this split the top two of CSD will meet the top two of an open qualifier, to determine who can challenge the bottom two of TESD in a relegation/promotion match. In future Telia splits there will be a direct promotion/relegation line between TESD and CSD.

When this information became publicly known last night, it caused quite the commotion on Twitter as people were (rightly so) angry that their hard work in CSD didn’t amount to a certain promotion/relegation match against the bottom two TESD teams, but rather they had to fight against teams that didn’t fight their way up through our leagues. Getting this information this late into the split was devastating news for many (if not all) teams. These teams have begun to wonder why we would sit on this information when it should have been announced before the split even began. The answer to this is that we didn’t have this information from the start of the split. Denmark is a bit of a unique case in the Nordic countries, due to our many leagues, so trying to fit our format into something akin to what was planned for the other countries has been an ongoing (and much-discussed) process and something we is still very much discussing with Telia and Riot. Only last week was it confirmed that there would be an open qualifier, but as the nature of that qualifier hasn’t been determined yet (could we make it for CSD-only, for instance?), we haven’t made a public statement regarding how CSD promotion works.

One thing we at are grateful for is that the community has been this vocal about wanting things to go back to how they used to be, with a direct promotion/relegation line between TESD (LCD) and CSD. This has helped us understand how much the community wants the leagues to be relevant for promoting to TESD. We have shown Telia your outcry for a direct promotion/relegation line, and have decided to ask Riot if we can switch back to this approach, or if we should continue with the planned qualifier. We sincerely wish that we could say that the decision is solely up to us, but Riot has the last say in this case. So right now we’re waiting for Riot's official decision on this matter and hope to bring a solution that everyone can agree to, including teams and players involved.

While we appreciate how vocal the community has been on this matter, there have unfortunately been some less than desirable comments as well. A lot of misinformation has been spread out what people think we do or don’t do behind the scenes, most of which seem to be false or only faintly true. It's honestly a bit disheartening to see people jump to conclusions and say that we or Telia are lazy, incompetent, or don't care when they don't know the full story. Most of us at and Telia work long hours to make sure things go as smoothly as planned. We don’t deny that there have been hiccups along the way, but we can assure you that they are not because of laziness or that we don’t care. We are working tirelessly to try to improve on all aspects and so is Telia. While the new Telia format is a blessing and big opportunity for us at and the rest of the community, it also comes with a lot of changes and restructuring, which we were not able to fulfill in the short time provided before the season started. We truly believe that we will see many improvements going forward, but Rome wasn’t built in a day.

With all these comments, a wealth of criticism (sadly not all of which is constructive) has also been thrown our way. While it’s great to get feedback that we can use to improve, we would have preferred if the teams or players had come to us with these concerns so we could fix them together. One thing we’ll definitely strive to improve on is to keep teams better informed of which direction we are headed, but please keep in mind as well that we can’t share every single piece of information that we are working on because most of it is subject to change or might never come into fruition.

Another point of critique we’ve seen is that we appear as some sort of faceless men that work in the shadows, which you have no connection to. To try to remedy that, let us briefly introduce ourselves once and for all.

  • Christian Henriksen – CFO

  • Mathias Horn – Head of Production

  • Frederik Hockauf – Admin

  • Christian Vejvad - PR & Social Media Manager

  • Casper Jensen - PR & Social Media Manager

On behalf of the whole team