Overview: Plejehjemmet Kalder takes the TES Denmark trophy

2 weeks ago

The first season of Telia Esports Series Denmark is over!

It's been some action-packed months with games from Telia Esports Series Denmark every week. We started out with over 50 teams in the qualifiers, to now have our winners and participants for Telia Masters next month. 

Our top four in playoffs were Vipers Inc, Absolved, Plejehjemmet Kalder, and Atlando. Every team except Vipers had to play the first day of playoffs, where both the quarter and semifinal were played. To everyone's surprise, it was Plejehjemmet Kalder who came out on top of both series, qualifying for the final against Vipers Inc. 

The final was played yesterday during our live-event at HYDR Esport. Here's how it went.

Vipers Inc vs. Plejehjemmet Kalder

Plejehjemmet Kalder hit the Rift with full force in the first game, taking control from the get-go. After beating both Atlando and Absolved, it was now an expectation that the veterans could challenge Vipers for the title. Plejehjemmet also seemed to live up to these expectations in the first game, securing themselves a comfortable lead throughout the early and mid-game. Even though the game seemed lost for Vipers, they still managed to stay in it and make things fairly close. In the end, Linops on Caitlyn was too hard to deal with, securing Plejehjemmet their first Nexus. 

The second game seemed a bit closer. but eventually, it looked like Vipers got themselves the control they needed to snowball the game. All this changed during a dragon fight, where several Vipers members took the unfortunate travel through Bard's Magical Journey, right into the arms of Plejehjemmet. The poor fight granted Plejehjemmet an unexpected lead that they were not going to give up. The game ended with yet another Nexus for Plejehjemmet, putting them on match point. 

It was do or die for Vipers when they hit the Rift in game three. The pressure was high but it seemed to be what Vipers needed to finally perform. They got the lead that they had been looking for in the first two games and that was finally enough to dominate. Vipers cruised their way to an easy victory and suddenly we had an exciting series. 

While everything seemed exciting, Tom shut it all down on his impressive Urgot in game four. Plejehjemmet still had two chances to close out the final, but they only needed one. The veterans got a lead early on and started snowballing it throughout the mid-game. In the end, the composition from Plejehjemmet was way too strong and no one on Vipers was able to kill the tanky Urgot. Plejehjemmet made their final push and ended the series 3-1 against Vipers Inc. 

If you didn't catch all games during the playoffs, then here are the results

This does it for Telia Esports Series Denmark, but we are far from done yet. Telia Masters will begin in exactly one week on August 4, where both Plejehjemmet Kalder and the Vipers squad will duke it out against the other Nordic Countries. Make sure to follow us on social media to stay updated on Telia Masters.

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