Winter split starts today

1 year ago

After a three-week long break, we are returning on your screen for 7 weeks with double the amount of games on Sundays.

The winter split will start at 16:00 today with Wicked Gaming versus Lyngby Vikings. In this split and forward, we have removed the Wednesday match and moved it to earlier on Sundays, to make more use of weekends and less pressure on people’s everyday life. On top of that, we are also welcoming two new competitors, who got promoted from Challenger Series Denmark, Lyngby Vikings and Primus.

Lyngby Vikings is the previous Eastern Wizards team, who sold their roster and slot to Lyngby Vikings shortly after qualifying for the league as first place in Challenger Series Denmark. Primus are the second team, who got second place in CSD and qualified themselves to the promotion tournament against Horsens Esport. Horsens Esport forfeited the series against Primus, which meant a seed for Primus in LCD.

For the next seven weeks you will have the chance to watch the best teams in Denmark battle it out on the summoner’s rift for the chance to call themselves the best Danish team and the 30.000 dkk prizepool, casted from our new location at HYDR eSport.

As always, you can watch the games live on our twitch channel at and follow updates about the league on our social media platforms: