Dominating round by the favorites

1 year ago
In the third week of League Championship Denmark we finally have a top four, but it is not far away from bottom table, who is just three points behind fourth place.

Because of rescheduling, the early match on Sundays was moved to Thursday. Therefor the first game of the week was between Singularity versus Wicked Gaming. First map was a clean victory by Singularity, there keeps their unbeaten streak going. But Wicked Gaming proved they are not a team to mess with on the second map. In a very aggressive early game with a ton of kills ended up in Wicked Gaming’s favor, who used this to secure their map victory and give Singularity their first map loss this split. Also notable is xLynge’s Jhin who popped off hard this game with a 13/2/14 score, incredible stuff! On the third map it was a quick one for Singularity, who got their revenge in a strong fashion and take home their first 2-1 victory.

Mondays match was a real demonstration of power from Copenhagen Flames, who destroyed Good Game Esports on two maps. Good Game Esport did not take down a single tower, slain a dragon nor baron on both maps and did grab a lot of kills at the same time. Copenhagen Flames are really going ham this split.

Third game of the week we had Hobro Vikings against Primus. A series that easily can be described as a clown fiesta, with a lot of back and forth action. On the first map, we went all the way to late game to find Primus’ first map victory in their LCD history with a chance to take home their first series win now. Hobro Vikings had other plans and in a controlled second map, they equaled the score. On the third map it was truly a clown fiesta, with bloody 39 kills did Hobro Vikings manage to take home the victory and close out the series 2-1 and push themselves into top four.

Last game of the week, that was played Thursday afternoon, we had Bucks Vipers versus Lyngby Vikings on the menu for us. In as destroying and controlling fashion as Copenhagen Flames, did Bucks Vipers smash Lyngby Vikings took home their second 2-0 victory of the season and go from sixth to third place at the same time, two points behinds Singularity at second place.

Tomorrow we will have a rematch from the autumn split final, Singularity versus Copenhagen Flames at 16:00! The rest of the schedule is back to normal again and will look like this:

Sunday 19:00 – Primus vs. Good Game Esport

Monday 19:00 – Lyngby Vikings vs. Hobro Vikings

Tuesday 19:00 – Wicked Gaming vs. Bucks Vipers