8 months ago

First highlight video of the season!

New year, new split


LCD – Spring Split, Week 1


Hillerød Esport vs Copenhagen Flames (0-2)


The first game of the day, had one of the veteran organisations returning to the LCD. Copenhagen Flames was ready to off their brand-new roster, after acquiring replacements for every role. This includes a new team manager, a familiar face for every LCD fan, as it is none other than former LCD caster, Guldborg, who has taken on the responsibility of managing the most successful team of last year. However, as stated above, he will be doing so with a new line-up – and that, just made the first day of LCD 2019, even more exciting.
The same could also be said about the team on the other side of the Rift. Hillerød Esport is one of the new faces in the LCD, and everyone was stoked to see how the two new squads would do.

Even though Hillerød won early in the first game, Flames did a great job at keeping the gold difference in their favour. Their ability to split-push and play teamfights also seemed a level above that of Hillerød Esport. During game two it was as though the new squad had shaken off any nervousness. They started snowballing off of their individual skill, especially on Eden Fox in the midlane, and with a 5k+ gold lead the game – and the series – was pretty much sealed. 


Hobro Vikings vs Buck Vipers (2-0)


Both teams were a part of the LCD in 2018 and they were, once again, ready to show the audience at home a good time. Notable roster changes for the teams, were especially the addition of support player JeppeHou on the side of Hobro Vikings. Would he, a strong player with a great deal of experience, give them the edge over Buck Vipers?

“Win early, lose late” seemed to be the trend of the night, as that was exactly what happened in both games. Vipers started with four kills and with a 2k gold lead, and did a good job of setting themselves up for success, but just as Flames did, Hobro Vikings had one teamfight go in their favour – and suddenly they were back in the game. You could argue that hitting 25+ minutes with a Vayne/Cassiopeia on your team, had a lot to say about why the final teamfight went how it did. The second game was pretty much the same story. Vipers had a massive lead, and looking at the scoreboard you wouldn’t think Vikings stood a chance, and yet, they took the win after two hard-fought teamfights.




Primus Esport vs Ventus Esport (0-2)

The most interesting addition to the LCD, has to be Ventus Esports. Previously known as Sølvkikkert Esports, the team has some of the strongest amateur players within Danish League of Legends. I am of course talking about midlaner xPriskornet and substitute ADC P1noy, both with the skill to have racked up a great deal of international experience over the years. 
For that reason, going up against the 7th place team of last year, Primus Esport, no one expected Ventus to have any problems in winning their first BO3 series in the LCD.


Even though they did end the day 2-0, Primus did put up quite a fight. The overall score can be misguiding, and even though it looked like Primus was ahead, Ventus made sure to build a solid gold lead through CS and superior objective control.
You wouldn’t think it possible, but the second game was even closer than the first. Culminating in one deciding teamfight, Ventus pushed mid to seal the deal.


Singularity Esport vs Wicked Gaming (0-2)


Last year’s winner, Singularity, was back last Tuesday to defend their crown. With a new roster, the question was: “could the new players fill the shoes of the old”.

Wicked Gaming on the other hand, could welcome back a familiar face. xRoskilde is back after receiving a ban for the 2019 season. Luckily, he was able to work it out with the LCD management, and earn himself another chance.


The first game went the way of Wicked Gaming, on the back of Christian Jensen who played a mean Ezreal (12/2/4). During the second game, it looked like Singularity would be able to bounce back and give the audience a series. When they started to lose their grip during the mid-game, it became evident, that that was not going to be the case.