Back from winter break - week 2

8 months ago

After an exciting first week, LCD returned with another action-packed schedule.

Hillerød eSport vs Wicked Gaming (0-2)

First up was Hillerød eSport and Wicked Gaming, with the latter coming off of an impressive win against Singularity in the first week. Both teams left the pick/ban phase with a strong composition with Wicked Gaming midlaner, xRoskilde, grabbing his soloqueue comfort pick Zilean. With FindFinn on Sylas, into an Urgot/Lissandra/Ezreal, Wicked Gaming went into game one with a lot of playmaking tools.

Wicked needed less than three minutes before the score was 2-0, with both kills going the way of FindFinn. Considering the stage of the game, a 2k goldlead before six minutes was pretty significant. With a Karthus on the team, Wicked always had an edge in every fight no matter the lane. xRoskilde also did a great job playing around Christian Jensen on Yasuo, allowing him to be very aggressive whenever Chronoshift was up. 
During the second game the team comps and the gameplans were different, but the way the teams played both games was extremely similar. The teamfights were very back and forth, with both teams trading a lot of kills, resetting for next fight - only to do it all over again. Wicked Gaming came out on top thanks to the early leads they  generated and by playing late game teamfights better.

After this series, it would be fitting to name FindFinn and xRoskilde the "innovators" of the LCD, busting out Rammus top and Heimerdinger midlane during the second game.

Ventus eSports vs Bucks Vipers (2-0)

Just as we said during the first week, Ventus eSports might be the most interesting team in the LCD. Just like great power comes with great responsibility, people are bound to expect a lot from seasoned players. This week it was up to Bucks Vipers to show, that this new addition to the league, could be beaten aswell. 

Despite a good solokill from Vipers toplaner, Valentiné, Ventus had the best early game. With both teams having scaling champs, they could have farmed up and waited for  late game. Ventus ADC, Den Voksne, had other plans, absolutely slaughtering the enemy botlane. Having Caitlyn hit her powerspikes as early as possible, would prove to be a big win condition. With a Kennen on the team, it was only a matter of time before Ventus initiated the deciding teamfight. 
Early game continued to be extremely onesided as the series went on. 10 minutes into the second game, the score was 5-1 and Ventus found themselves 2k gold ahead of Vipers. Being down 5k gold just five minutes later, it was impressive how Bucks Vipers were able to get an ace, only losing their support in the process. A clean engage from support,  Fred xD on Rakan, made it seem like Vipers was taking over the game. In the end though, Ventus came out on top and secured another 2-0 week.

Copenhagen Flames vs Hobro Vikings (2-0)

Both teams had a reason to be very confident, ahead of the series. Having made two clean sweeps during the first week, Flames and Vikings had shown their potential - and that they mean business.

Letting champions like Cassiopeia go through without being picked or banned, it was obvious that both teams had a clear plan of how they wanted to play. Often times you get better results playing comfort picks, as opposed to only picking what is best in the current meta.  An obvious skill gap in top and jungle, secured Flames an early lead.  Getting their Draven fed, and having a Vlad for late game, provided Flames with so much damage. They won fights by shear force, and closed game one with a 15k goldlead. 
Game two was pretty much the same story. Flames expanded on an early lead with strong laners (Irelia/Vladimir) going 9/0 combined, within the first 15 minutes. Splitpushing with a lead like that, made it very hard for Vikings to answer back. They did not have enough members to do anything against the 1-3-1 split, which proved to be deadly at  this stage of the game. 

Primus eSport vs Singularity (2-1)

The last matchup of the week, was also the only one you would consider a "series". This would be the first time in the LCD Spring Split 2019, that we would get to see a third game. Both teams went into the day with a burning desire to win, having lost their first series of the split last week. 

The first game showed a dominant Singularity. The sololaners played their matchups very well, especially AlphaCloud in the toplane, who began the game with two solokills. The second game was probably the one with the most intense ending, so far this split. After getting two picks, Primus moved down to end the game. Singularity managed to turn the fight, but while the SNG players were distracted, Primus toplaner kSMuriel ran to the open nexus and finished the game - they did not react in time to stop him.
The last game of week two also went the way of Primus eSport, pulling a reverse sweep after being down 0-1. LaggerNxD was deadly on Ezreal, carrying Primus after hitting his two-items powerspike. 

LCD will be back again next week, were the following schedule applies: