Three teams remain undefeated - week 3

11 months ago

While the first matchup of the week turned into a great series, the following three was dominated by the leagues best teams.

Hillerød Esport vs Primus Esport (1-2)

Hillerød Esport stepped into this weeks series, still looking for their first win, but with Primus Esport on the other side on the rift, this would prove to be a difficult task. Having only lost to Ventus Esports, the guys from Primus had a solid performance last week. 

Primus did not wait long to kick off the series, securing first blood just before the three-minute mark. The kills just kept piling up, until Hillerød decided to answer back during a botlane countergank. With time on their side, Primus played towards the late-game and the inevitable victory. Saying that Hillerød lost the game in the pick/ban phase, might be a little harsh. However, letting your opponent pick up Irelia, Vladimir and Cassiopeia is definitely not the way to go.
Primus went into game two with a similar comp, with Vladimir/Tahm Kench replaced by Corki/Ornn. This time around, Hillerød seemed was prepared to deal with kSMuriel on Irelia and LaggerNxD on Cassiopeia. They did find themselves behind in gold up until 13 minutes in, where they started to pick up the pace. The series did, however, go the way of Primus Esport, after another game of back-and-forth fighting. After hitting late-game Kassadin, they capitalized perfectly on their biggest win condition. Hillerød did manage to pick up one point, having won their first map.

Ventus Esports vs Singularity (2-0)

Singularity was another team, that went into the week looking to score some points. They did take a game off of Primus last week, but with the organization's impressive history within the League Championship Denmark, they are definitely looking for more consistent results. Ventus Esports has had a great start to the LCD, sweeping all their previous matches. Going into the series, they stood as the clear favorite. 

The first 10 minutes of the game, the teams were pretty even. From there on out, Ventus had more resources to work with thanks to their CS. Spiking in the mid-game, we did not see them hitting the same level of coordination as they usually do. The game was messy, but preventing Croxxy from hitting four items on Sivir, gave them enough time to end the game.
The second game showed a clear difference in the jungle matchup. Majd bullied Milf Police to the point where he was 0/3, 30 CS behind and two levels down. This opened the rest of the map up for Ventus, and even though this game was super messy as well, they did secure another 2-0 week.

Bucks Vipers vs Copenhagen Flames (0-2)

Vipers was yet another team, still looking for their first win of the split. Their opponent this week was Copenhagen Flames, one of the strongest teams in the League. Similar to Singularity, Flames has an LCD legacy to uphold, which will make it all the more exciting to see how long they can stay undefeated. 

Even though it was a true David vs Goliath story, Vipers showed up and gave the fans two exciting matches. Vipers had a massive lead, but one good teamfight from Copenhagen Flames turned the first game on its head. Flames repeated the success in the next fight and secured the death timers to end the game in one push. Flames did look more dominant during the second game, where they ended the game with a 22-9 scoreline.  Nille was an absolute monster on Yorick and paired with Eden Fox on Azir, they had all the damage necessary.

Hobro Vikings vs Wicked Gaming (0-2)

With Hobro Vikings vs Wicked Gaming rounding out the week, Wicked was looking to keep their streak going while Hobro wanted to take this chance to climb the ladder - no surprise there. Best case scenario, they could have tied Wicked for third place, but that was not how things turned out.

The first game was kicked off with an early 2v2 between the midlaners/junglers. Both teams leave the fight with a kill and an assist. Wicked Gaming jungler, Mr Righteous, made it a priority to get his Vayne ahead, which he did perfectly. With two early kills, Lowpa had his scaling jumpstarted. With Lucian/Nocturne, Hobro did have the superior mid-game with strong engages and reliable damage from more than one player. After opening up the enemy nexus, Wicked waited in the jungle for an opportunity to utilize the Ryze ult. With LÚq distracting Hobro in the botlane, Roskilde ulted his team into the base where they secured the first game.
During the second game, Wicked Gaming decided to pull out a very safe composition - what we would refer to as a "funnel" comp. Giving all resources to one hyper carry, in this case it was Lowpa on Twitch, all they had to do was play around him. Placing Roskilde on Lulu and grabbing Braum for PederseNN made it easier to execute the strategy. LÚq on Mordekaiser also ended up playing a huge role. Every time a dragon would spawn, Wicked Gaming would grab it and commence sieging. It was only a matter of time before the base of Hobro Vikings would fall.

LCD will be back again with some new and exciting matchups this Sunday. The schedule for week four will be as follows: