Copenhagen Flames calls for a challenge - week 4

1 year ago

Copenhagen Flames strolled on through this weeks matchup, while the rest of the teams fought tooth and nail to secure some points

Primus Esport vs Hobro Vikings (1-2)

After two weeks of tough matchups, Hobro Vikings was ready to take on Primus Esport in a fight for fourth place. Primus came into the series on a win streak, having beaten Hillerød eSport and Singularity during week two and three.  This momentum would serve as a great boost of confidence. 

The first game went the way of Hobro Vikings, who had the stronger late-game comp. Post-30 minutes, when Vladimir and Tristana have their core items, they will begin to take over the game - this was inevitable. Vikings were not even ahead by that much, but the raw power of their champions was all they needed at this point in the game.
Primus bounced back during the second game.  A strong early game from Snowhill and fortabt kebab gave them a massive lead in the midlane - a 60 CS deficit at 13 minutes. As a scaling team, this was huge, and even though Vikings fought back as Ezreal started spiking, it was Primus' game.
An almost 15 minutes long pause - after eight minutes of game time - gave the teams a chance to cool down and reset during the last game.  Both teams came out swinging, but Vikings did it best.

Hobro Vikings +2
Primus Esport +1

Copenhagen Flames vs Ventus Esports (2-0)

The matchup of the week - and one of the matchups we had been looking forward to the most - was Copenhagen Flames vs. Ventus Esports. Both teams went into the series undefeated, without having dropped a single game. Flames, in particular, had been looking amazing in the weeks leading up to this match. With Ventus entering the LCD, fans were hoping that they could be the ones to challenge Flames for the throne.

It would not go on to be as competitive as series as we would have liked. Flames played on another level from the beginning, and Ventus tried desperately to catch up. Nille and Yung made toplane a living hell for Sleeping, who already had a somewhat difficult lane matchup - and a solokill midlane, from Eden Fox, just added to the growing gold lead.  Flames won the first game without too much resistance.
Sleeping and Priskornet swapped lanes for the second game, but Eden Fox did not care who he was laning against - he was going to get more solokills! Just like in the first game, Flames started stacking kills and turning them into objectives. They built a decent gold lead and continued to snowball from there. Another dominant final score: 26-6

Copenhagen Flames +3
Ventus Esports +0

Singularity vs Hillerød eSport (1-2)

Both teams went into the series with one point after three weeks of play. This meant that a victory would go a long way in putting some distance between themselves, and the bottom of the ladder.

The first game featured two interesting picks on the side of Hillerød. Poppy mid - which Priskornet played toplane the day before - and Orianna in the botlane. Mages have been a part of the botlane for a long time now, picks like Vladimir and Cassiopeia, but Orianna was a new and interesting pick. 
The teams took turns winning a game - first Hillerød then Singularity. The teams were very even in the games, but it seemed like Hillerød had somewhat of an edge in the way they played late game fights. And with all games being decided in the later stages, it made sense when Hillerød walked away victorious. Shoutout to HiddenShadow for putting on a killer performance on Kayn - 22/0/4 with a 90% kill participation. 

Singularity +1
Hillerød eSport +2

Bucks Vipers vs Wicked Gaming (0-2)

Wicked Gaming was one of the three undefeated teams going into this week. Going up against Bucks Vipers - who has yet to find their first map win - it did not seem likely that their dominant performance was going to end here. 

Wicked's games were not as clean as the ones Copenhagen Flames had earlier this week, but they proved themselves to be a stronger team than Vipers, nonetheless. Going into the mid-game of game one, the teams were extremely even in gold. Wicked had the advantage of two Mountain Drakes which meant they could take down objectives faster. It was very much a case of; whoever gets Baron first, wins!
The second game was similar to the first in many ways. Vipers actually entered the mid game with a gold lead. They did not, however, manage to maintain it as Wicked seized opportunity after opportunity to even out the game. The first Baron went to Wicked, the second to Vipers and it was getting harder to predict who would take the second game of the series. Æraser made the unfortunate decision to jump in on xRoskilde, leaving his team 4v5 when he did not secure the kill. Poulsenn traded back onto Lowpa, but with super minions moving into the base from all lanes, Wicked had everything they needed to close out the series.

With Wicked Gaming and Copenhagen Flames being the only undefeated teams left in the LCD, we definitely have a matchup to look forward to!

Bucks Vipers +0
Wicked Gaming +3

will be back again this Sunday, where the following matchups are scheduled: