Two weeks until playoffs - week 5

1 year ago

With playoffs approaching, the first and second seed seems clear, but who will claim the last two?

Copenhagen Flames vs. Primus Esport (2-0)

People were very much on the same page when predicting the outcome of the first series in week five. Comparing Flames to Primus, there was not much doubt about who would walk away victorious.

With that being said, it came as a surprise when Primus got the better end of a botlane gank. With Yung coming in for a countergank, Gubbi and Kalhira made a questionable turn and ended up going down before their jungler could do much. Even Eden Fox had trouble dealing with the Vladimir mid lane, giving Primus another early kill.  Despite an unfortunate early game, Flames quickly went back to their normal way of playing the game. With Yung moving around and executing multiple successful ganks and Eden Fox getting huge on the Zed, Flames bounced back and took the first game.
During game two, we got to see a champion, that has become meta in the LCD - none other than Poppy. With four guys present, Flames opened the party with a double kill botlane. They did not give Primus any room to breathe, as they wanted to close out the series as smooth as possible.
Flames remain undefeated with five completed series and ten map wins in total.

Primus Esport +0
Copenhagen Flames +3

Hobro Vikings vs. Hillerød eSport (2-1)

Both teams were looking for some much-needed points, with only two separating them on the ladder. A clean series would go a long way in pressuring the other teams for a playoffs spot. 

Even though Hillerød had the best early game, it was Vikings who ran off with the first match. Hillerød did answer back during the second game, where their teamfighting seemed a level above that of Vikings. Going into the deciding game, Aléc pulled out his Katarina - a pick, which turned out to be crucial in their win. After getting the first blood in the mid lane, he could support Bartholdy in the jungle. Priority in the mid lane can benefit the rest of the team way more than one might think. 

Hobro Vikings +2
Hillerød eSport +1

Bucks Vipers vs. Singularity (2-0)

Two other teams, who were also desperately looking for points, met in the third matchup of the week. The series turned out to be way more one-sided than expected. Having lost all their previous matches, Vipers really showed up and pushed Singularity down to 8th. 

Both games were played somewhat slow. Whereas Vipers preferred more teamfight heavy comps, Singularity prioritised strong laners that they could snowball off of. This meant that dragging the games 35+ minutes, tipped the series in Vipers favour. With the tools to execute strong teamfights, they did not mind waiting for the later stages of the game - where one fight can decide it all. 

Bucks Vipers +3
Singularity +0

Wicked Gaming vs. Ventus Esports (2-1)

The matchup of the week was Wicked Gaming vs. Ventus Esports. Going into the series, Wicked Gaming was still undefeated while Ventus Esports lost to Copenhagen Flames in the previous week. Staying undefeated would tie Wicked with Flames while a loss would prove, that Ventus can compete with the best teams in the LCD.

After a few unsuccessful ganks, Majd finally found an opening onto xRoskilde and helped Priskornet secure first blood. Wicked answered back with two kills mid lane, but they did not manage to turn their Rift Herald into the first tower.  Mid-game was very even between the two teams, but then Ventus started to pull ahead. Den Voksne hit his four-item powerspike and with an Alistar and Poppy in front of him, he was free to hit whoever came his way.  After bringing the nexus to 20% hp, Priskornet was forced to fall back and after losing another teamfight, Ventus decided to play it slow  - and end the game on their terms.
Ventus pulled ahead during the second game as well, where the gold lead read 5k at 20 minutes.  Thanks to some important catches, and how they were able to play around Vayne with Zilean, Wicked took the second game and made the matchup into one hell of a series.
What looked like another great early game for Ventus, was turned into a lead for Wicked. xRoskilde played perfectly around a 2v2 brawl mid lane and came out with two kills - and his life.  LÚq did struggle quite a bit toplane - reworked Kayle vs. Fiora - and giving early kills to Majd on Lee Sin, provided Ventus with some much-needed jungle priority.  This did not matter much, as Lowpa began stacking kills on Draven. He took down the first inhibitor 20 minutes in, with a scoreline of 6/0/2. After falling back to reset, Wicked only needed one more teamfight to seal the deal.
Even though Ventus lost the series, they did prove to be a fierce contender for the top. They also put an end to Wicked's perfect split, which leaves Copenhagen Flames in first place with 15 points.  

Wicked Gaming +2
Ventus Esports +1

will be back again this Sunday, where the following matches are scheduled: