A new organisation enters the LCD

1 year ago

The sixth week of the Spring Split brought us two exciting upsets - one by a rising team, and one by familiar faces under a new name

Bucks Vipers vs. Hillerød eSport (0-2)

With one more week remaining before playoffs, it was essential for both Vipers and Hillerød to pick up some points. Some of the CSD teams have been looking impressive, and if it came down to relegation, who is to say they could not knock out both contenders.

Vipers did open the first game with somewhat of a lead in the early and mid game. ChillThenWinBig was running around with a 900g bounty on his head and a 3/0 scoreline, and with a Corki in the mid lane, Vipers had a very reliable setup for the mid-game. A chaotic baron fight gave Hillerød an opening to get back in the game. HoldMyFox found a pick on Æraser, and without smite, it did not matter how strong their Kai'Sa was. A badly timed flank from Vipers ended up splitting the team and gave Hillerød an easy fight. 

The second game was another great example of how Vipers wins the early game but then begins to make mistakes. They did an excellent job at getting their carries ahead: 2/0/1 LeBlanc and 2/0/2 Kai'Sa after nine minutes of game time. However, as they did in the first game, Hillerød found a way back. Investing teleport botlane, they found a big shutdown kill on Poulsenn.  Another teamfight at dragon sealed the game - Shymm did a great job at preventing Valntiné from joining the fights. He never got the chance to provide his team with the frontline they so desperately needed. 

Bucks Vipers +0
Hillerød eSport +3

Ventus Esports vs. Hobro Vikings (1-2)

In the second matchup of the week, Ventus Esports was looking to end their losing streak while Hobro Vikings wanted to keep their win streak going. Ventus began the Spring Split as the most exciting team in the LCD, but as the two previous weeks have shown, they still have a long way to go before they can call themselves a top team.

With all of this in mind, it did come as a surprise when Vikings won the first game. They began to pull ahead around the 20-minute mark, where Vikings found an ace and the opportunity to secure their first dragon (Infernal). In the end, Ventus' attempt to steal the Baron became their downfall.
Ventus did bounce back during the second game, after a rough early and mid game. Viggomopsen was huge on Vladimir, so it looked like a clean 2-0 for Vikings. As the game went on, Priskornet grew stronger and stronger and, along with dnulsirK, he became the most reliable win condition for the team. 
Going into the last game of the series, people were hyped to see how it would all turn out. Interestingly enough, the third game turned out to be the most one-sided.  The point of no return came early in the game, after about 10:20. Vikings engaged in the top and bot lane, where they traded Bartholdy for four kills - and they did not slow down after that. They closed out the third game with a scoreline that read 26/6. 

Ventus Esports +1
Hobro Vikings +2

Copenhagen Flames vs. Team Singularity (2-0)

There was never much doubt about the third matchup of the week, with the best team in the LCD facing off against the worst. Singularity would have to pull a rabbit out of their hat if they were to walk away with some vital points. Sitting in eighth, they would be subject to an instant relegation when playoffs arrive - the last seed in the LCD swaps with the first seed from the CSD at the end of a split. 

The two games can be summed up in three words: short and sweet. Flames was superior in every aspect of the game, from laning phase to objective control and teamfighting. It took them just over 25 minutes to close out each game, still waiting for someone to challenge their perfect record. Guubi showed up in both games, with strong performances on Ezreal and Vayne. When playing with a well-rounded team, the pressure to carry never gets too overwhelming. 
This loss means that for Singularity to not face instant relegation, they HAVE to win next weeks series against Hobro Vikings, and Bucks Vipers has to lose to Atlando (formerly known as Primus eSport)

Copenhagen Flames +3
Team Singularity +0

Wicked Gaming vs. Atlando (0-2)

The second upset of the week would be found in the Wicked Gaming vs. Atlando series. Atlando is new to LCD, having acquired the Spring Split roster from Primus eSport.  The roster will now compete under the Atlando brand in what looks like a partnership between the two organisations. An official statement regarding this change can be found here

It was as though the team's structural changes had given new life to the roster. Having previously dropped games against the likes of Singularity, they definitely did not look like a challenge for the second place team - at least not on paper.
That did not stop Atlando from sweeping Wicked. The first game was relatively even between the two teams, while their second win was very convincing - and the dream of playoffs might still be alive. The casters mentioned how they needed to win their next to series 2-0, and this is definitely a step in the right direction. 

Wicked Gaming +0
Atlando +3

LCD will be back again this Sunday, where we finally get to see Copenhagen Flames vs. Wicked Gaming: