Vipers Inc: "We definitely see ourselves as a top tier team"

3 months ago

Telia Esports Series Denmark is right around the corner, with the qualifiers starting next week. The league will gather the best teams in Denmark and some of them are already found.

Four selected teams have already been invited to Telia Esports Series Denmark, and in the coming weeks, we will take a closer look at these teams, to hear what their expectations are for the season.

Our first invited team is the Nordic Championship finalists, Vipers Inc. Vipers have been a part of the Danish League of Legends scene for a while now, and have proven themselves both domestically and internationally.

We had a talk with co-owner Malthe Klit Hindberg, who addressed the team's excitement and expectations for the new nordic format.

Can you tell us about your ambitions and expectations for Telia Esports Series Denmark?

We always go into a season with the same expectations. We want to do the best with what we've got. As for ambitions, it's no surprise that we definitely see ourselves as a top tier team, however, our main focus is to keep developing and evolving the foundation that we created with the team from the last split. We have a winning formula and we want to prove that it can work in the long run as well.

We, as an organization, have been following - and been a part of - since the beta season and are incredibly happy to see the Danish scene moving forward and developing in a healthy way! We have been waiting for a change like this for a long time and are very excited to see that it is finally here. Now we are hoping that it keeps developing in a positive direction.

How will you and the rest of Vipers Inc approach the upcoming season?

We have been developing our infrastructure in the last year/year and a half. Which means I think we are pretty prepared for the upcoming changes. We hope this change brings new and upcoming talent to the scene so that it is possible for us, as well as the other organizations, to create a stronger infrastructure all-around.

When that is said, you can always use more helping hands! And we will definitely look towards creating the strongest setup, which will resemble the setup from the last split as much as possible. Shout out to 'the golden boys' - Hidon, Vandett0, DenVoksne, Poulsen, Lunddorf, Kalhira, Bebop, Krampus, and Swiift.

After competing in the Nordic Championship, how do you see the skill gap between all the Nordic countries?

It's no surprise that this season will be something completely different. Last season, we (Denmark) were definitely the dominating nation in the Nordics, however, right now I think it is impossible to say between the Nordic countries. In my opinion, I think we will see a clear gap between the UK teams and the rest. As far as the other Nordic teams, I think it is pretty evenly matched.

What country, or team, do you think could exceed expectations?

I think it will be very exciting to see how the Danish talent will handle the competition when given a top-professional infrastructure to train, play and develop under. I think we will definitely see some contenders for a play-off spot in the 2 Danish representatives since we have already shown Denmark as a dominating nation in the Nordics.

However! I'm really looking forward to seeing how ENCE will be doing. If I had to bet on a wildcard region, I would definitely say ENCE from Finland. They have shown they can develop world-class athletes and I'm pretty excited to see how they will perform in this ecosystem.

Vipers Inc has already had the chance to compete in the EU Masters, what did you learn from that experience?

What we learned from this experience is how big of a factor the mental aspect is in League of Legends/esports in general. This is something we have always known, but finally, we had the chance to work with players in an extremely high-pressure environment. The pressure is unbelievable and to be able to guide the players in these situations was a great learning experience.

What is needed to get even further internationally?

After the announcement of the new NLC format, the gap between EU Masters play-ins and TESD has been increased a lot. There is no doubt that this new format will create an overall positive effect on the local scenes throughout the Nordic regions, which we are incredibly happy to see. However, how we see it, these changes have made it almost impossible for low-resource organizations to compete on the big international scene consistently (meaning EU Masters). This creates a situation where it will most likely be unattractive for smaller or medium organizations, like us, to pursue an international goal in League of Legends, because of the economic power needed to be able to compete with teams like Fnatic, Excel, etc.

So to answer your question: For us to be able to advance further internationally, I think we would need to acquire a rather generous outside investment in order to build the infrastructure needed to be able to compete. So, for now, all we can hope for is another cinderella run.

Last, but not least, if you were to pick a Danish player to break through on the big international stage, who would it be?

There is no doubt in my mind that all the players from our last two splits all have the potential to be the next international star. The raw talent and dedication are something I have not seen for a long time and to single any of them out, is simply impossible. All I'm going to say is that I can't wait to follow them in the next couple of years. GL guys <3


Achievements: Vipers Inc

1st place: Hungry.DK League 2020 Spring Playoffs

2nd place: Nordic Championship 2020 Spring Playoffs

2nd place: LCD 2019 Winter Playoffs

3rd place: Danish Esports League Season 4 Playoffs

Vipers Inc will compete alongside Hillerød Esports, Atlando and Fortress in the upcoming Telia Esports Series Denmark, as well as the teams making it through the qualifiers. The two open qualifiers will take place on May 16th and 17th. Do you have a team that wants to compete in the qualifiers, then follow the links below.

Open Qualifier 1

Open Qualifier 2