Telia Esports Series Denmark Open Qualifiers starts tomorrow

2 months ago
The start of the first open qualifier for Telia Esports Series Denmark is right around the corner and we can’t wait to get started!

Over the past days, teams have had the chance to sign up for the open qualifiers, to get a chance at securing a spot in the best Danish LoL league. We have already seen a big demand from teams all around the country, and we want to thank every single one of you, for participating in the weekend’s qualifiers.

The first of two open qualifiers will start tomorrow at 12:00 and will continue until we have the best teams, who will advance to the closed qualifier. If you haven’t already, then make sure to sign you and your team up, to be a part of the battle on the Rift.

If you don’t make it in the first qualifier, then make sure to participate in the second one that kicks off this Sunday at 12:00.

You can sign up right here: Qualifier 1 & Qualifier 2

We currently have over 50 teams attending the first open qualifier. Here are some of the names that you might end up playing against:

  • Legion (former LCD team)
  • Hydras eSport (former LCD team)
  • NFE Casuals (recent EDU Cup #8 champions)
  • Atlando Academy
  • HYDR eSport
  • Arcis Esports

And many others.

To learn more about the qualifiers and structure of the tournament, please read the following article.

We can’t wait for the qualifiers to get started - Good luck to every team on the Rift!