Atlando: Team structure will be crucial

2 months ago

Last week we had a talk with the first invited Telia Esports Series Denmark team, Vipers Inc. This week we had a talk with Atlando, who has also been invited to the league, after their great domestic results and participation in the Nordic Championship.

We got to talk with Malte "Ziphex" Hansen (co-owner and manager), as well as their botlane and newly signed coach.


Questions for Ziphex (co-owner and manager)

What does it mean for an organization like Atlando to participate in Telia Esports Series Denmark?

It means a lot that we are a part of the danish scene growing. It's great being a part of and it really means a lot to the organization and the players that we are able to qualify for the Nordic Championships. It’s also great to play in a league with good production value and just in general such a close relationship with Riot, makes it all seem more professional and more appealing to play.

It's also super that you guys are doing more to make better content on social media platforms. It means a lot to your followers and makes it easier for them to stay updated on what is happening in the leagues and just feel closer to the teams in general.


What are your overall ambitions and expectations for Telia Esports Series Denmark?

We were very unsatisfied with how the Nordic Championship went for us. In the last split, we managed to turn it around for playoffs in LCD, where we finished 2nd. It was still very bitter being so close to winning again though.

With all that in mind, we decided to do a few changes for this split. We are going to build up a roster that will fit super well together and work closely with our new coach, to make sure we have a good environment to improve, instead of getting five super talented individual players like the last split, where we didn't have good progression.

With all that said, we are still going to have five super-talented individuals that will showcase just how good they are, and we hope they can take us to the top of Telia Esports Series Denmark. Hopefully, we also make it to NLC, but we obviously have to win the Telia league first.


Will there be any major management changes before the Telia Esports Series starts?

As I said earlier, we are changing up our team and making sure it is going to make progress and get better throughout the split. We want to have a bit more structure when we practice and just a more professional environment in general. We believe our new coach “Kridz” can bring that. That being said, we still really appreciated “Revo” and how he handled his relationship with the players. There is a reason we kept him for more than a year, but times change and we believe Kridz is a better fit for the way we want to approach the next few splits. We are yet to show the best Atlando!


Vipers recently stated that they expect to be a top contender in the league. What do you think about that statement?

I think that's an interesting take considering it was the players who put together their other rosters. I'm interested to see who is gonna be their winning formula now that Mikmer and Kalhira are gone. On the other hand, I think Hillerød and us have done a good job scouting talent and building it up, meanwhile, Fortress has been very good at throwing money at great players and then not making playoffs.

Questions for Thor and Fred (Atlando botlane)

How do you see the skill gap between the four invited teams - Atlando, Vipers, Hillerød, and Fortress?

Considering the roster changes for the other teams, we have a hard time seeing who will replace those players. For example, it will be hard for Vipers to find players of the same caliber. We don’t really think Fortress will manage to be at the top either.

We know that “Mandag” has been rumored to join Hillerød Esports, so maybe they will have a chance at competing for the title.


What is your take on the current botlane meta?

Honestly, the meta is lowkey boring at the moment, but still better than the Aphelios & Senna meta that we experienced not that long ago. Counter picking supports are currently really broken, so the support players need a big champion pool. For the ADC, just blind pick an S/A tier champion, and save the counter pick for the support position.


You recently participated in Nordic Championship but went out in 8th place. In what areas does the team need to improve?

A few things have happened since we played the Nordic Championship. Most importantly, we sent our coach and toplaner on a nursing home, so that’s a start. Revo was also a 34-year-old turtle btw. Now that our communication won’t be affected by the elderly, and we won’t have to deal with people taking naps during scrims, our mindset is once again completely fresh and ready.

Questions for Kridz (Atlando coach)

How will you approach the practice and preparations for Telia Esports Series?

We are starting the season with some roster changes in toplane and maybe mid/jungle. To ensure the most optimal lineup. We are spending a lot of time try outing different players in the open roles. As a coach, I believe in both the importance of individual performance, as well as the synergy between players, which is why we try out every possible combination of players. The players and coaching staff have agreed to at least three training sessions each week consisting of 3 games + a refined vod review. Additionally, the players have to train by playing solo- or duo queue for at least 10 hours each week, which makes them able to preserve and adapt champion knowledge required for specific team compositions.


Achievements: Atlando

1st place: LCD 2019 Autumn

2nd place: NetParty Fyn 19

2nd place: Copenhagen Games 2019

2nd place: Hungry.DK League 2020 Spring Playoffs


This does it for our Atlando interview. Remember that Atlando will compete alongside Vipers Inc, Hillerød Esport, Fortress in the upcoming Telia Esports Series Denmark. The rest of the teams will be found through our qualifiers, that is currently being played.

The open qualifiers will be finished by today, with the closed qualifier being played on May 24th. This qualifier will decide the last four teams for Telia Esports Series Denmark.

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