The teams for the TESD Closed Qualifier have been found

1 month ago

We are one step closer to the Telia Esports Series Denmark

The qualifiers for the Telia Esports Series Denmark kicked off this weekend, where two open qualifiers were played. Each qualifier had over 50 teams participating and only four teams made it through each day. We now have the eight teams that will move on to the closed qualifier, where they join the invited teams, in a hectic battle for the remaining Telia Esports Series Denmark spots.

Eight teams were already invited to the closed qualifier. These teams were carefully selected based on prior performance in the Danish leagues. Between the teams are four from both LCD and CSD.

The invited teams are:

  • Wicked Gaming
  • Legion
  • Fløng Esports
  • Flayn
  • Espuma
  • Infernal Void
  • Absolved
  • Havoc

The open qualifiers were a big success and despite the tight schedule, eight great teams advanced. There is no doubt that Denmark is already one of the strongest Nordic regions, with a big League of Legends community eager to compete.

The qualified teams from the two open qualifiers are:

Qualifier #1:

  • Hydras eSport
  • Vandmelonerne
  • Virgin 5
  • MaGaZa

Qualifier #2:

  • Plejehjemmet kalder
  • Agurk
  • Serenity Gaming - Topaz

The closed qualifier will take place next Sunday, May 24th, starting at 12:00, where the 16 teams will duke it out on the Rift in a double-elimination format. Make sure to follow the tournament page and join us on Twitch, to watch all of the great games on Sunday.

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